keeping a regular record of the students, with a detailed andlysis of the latent tendencies as revealed by the marks on their hands. As the result of reading the hands of my pupils, I have been able to obtain a better insight into their natures and characters, which was of material assistance to me as a teacher and guide. I should strongly call the attention of Indian leaders to the importance of palmistry in the field of education as a definite means of drawing the best out of students.

Hence I advocate with conviction that Indian Universities should introduce palmistry as a subject of study. This would tend to popularize it, so that subsequently it could be made a compulsory subject to be taught, with Child Psychology, to pupil-teachers in Normal Schools and University Training Colleges. This may sound novel and startling, but it is a fact mat in Ancient India the guru was at once priest, teacher, and palmist or astrologer.

Trained teacher-palmists would be able to maintain a record and "andlysis" of the marks on the palms of their pupils; which would help them to understand them, and solve the problem of "the difficult child".

It might be objected that the study of hand-reading is likely to foster superstition among the students. This, in my opinion, is only likely where the science is wrongly used.

Writers on palmistry stress the fact that hand-reading enables them to forecast well in advance the state of health of a person, as well as the state of mind that might be responsible for it. These warnings could be used to avert much suffering.

In India, among the Hindus, parents become extremely anxious about the future lot of their daughters, as soon as' they attain puberty. The marriage of children here seems to be the concern of the parent more than of the child. From this solicitude has arisen the custom among caste Hindus to compare the horoscopes of the husband-and-wife to-be, to see what the stars foretell. As a professional palmist, I must say that seldom have I read "domestic bliss," the reason being, probably, that few people are happily mated. For, in numberless cases, marriage is neither a union of hearts nor a union of mentally compatible persons. In this direction palmistry ran render valuable assistance by providing a pair on the brink of marriage with a clear breakdown of their nature, health and tendencies and facts about the future as revealed by the imprints of their hands. Thus, the suitability of the- match ran be forecast with almost cent-per-cent certainty.

There is yet another aspect of hand-reading about which opinion is likely to be divided, namely, the nature of free-will, and the extent to which human beings enjoy it. Man is the architect of his destiny, according to some. The fatalists, on the other hand, pin their faith to predestination, and insist that what is pre-destined by God will surely come to pass. For them it is natural to accept whatever a palmist or astrologer can predict about a newly-born child. If their belief is true, it is difficult to account for the deepening and fading away of marks, as the years roll by. It has been noticed that some lines react strongly to a change in life, and become changed beyond recognition, or altogether disappear. For example, a change in the mental condition of a person has often been found to make the shadowy lines of Fate and Sun on his hand deeper, or fainter. This would mean that our present life and conduct is the result of what we bring with us when we come into this world.

In this connection let me quote the great Indian law-giver, Manu. "Success in all worldly affairs," he says, "depends upon the laws of destiny controlled by the actions of mortals in their previous lives and the conduct of the individual; the decrees of destiny are a mystery. We must therefore have recourse to means which depend upon man."

These words convey an important truth. In human affairs free-will and predestination play their parts. By predestination I understand the conditions under which a person is born and the sort of body he is equipped with by nature or God. The accident of birth has played in the past, and continues to play, a great part in the career of every human being. Some of us are born to riches, with everything

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