qualities of shining in society and is very likely to nave beauty or face and form. By virtue of her winning personality she would have a great influence over her husband. If the palm does not have a strong thumb, a straight line of Head showing self-control and the line of Heart forked and clearly traced on to the centre or base of Jupiter, she would prove-a source of trouble and worry to her life-partner, especially when they fall on evil times.

Marks of a Woman Who Would be a Good House-keeper. If a woman has a firm hand with spatulate fingers of which the third phalange is thick and the second and third joints Joiotted, it shows that she would be a sound house-keeper. She would carry on everything in an energetic, methodical and painstaking manner. She would be an excellent cook, but she will not cherish beautiful ideas and thoughts.

Marks of a Clever Woman Masterful in Temper and Nature. If a woman has a large and firm hand with square fingers set wide apart, the finger of Jupiter and its mount highly developed, the Heart line short, the Head line straight and clear cut, the thumb large and heavy, she would have very little sympathy and kindness in her character. She would be haughty and masterful in temper and would be clever and every one about her would dislike her disagreeable manners. The man who marries her would be disappointed as he would fail to find anything womanly in her.

Marks of a Fortunate and Good Woman. The following signs and marks are found on the hands of a fortunate woman.

The rascettes are well traced and well marked.

The line of Head should be joined to the line of Life but run straight through the palm. If it is slightly sloping, it is not unfavourable. But if this line is weak looting with lines rising to the Jupiter mount and the thumb weak, the woman would have little self-control and would be fond of domineering over her family and this nature of hers would make the life of the husband unpleasant and impossible.

The line of Fate rising straight from the wrist and ending on the mount of Saturn. The line should have branches.

The line of Heart branching and rising to the mount of Jupiter.

The line of Sun clear and well-marked.

The line of Life clear-cut, deep and well marked, encircling the mount of Venus and making it look broad and wide.

She would have the mark of an island on the joint of the thumb and its centre. These signs indicate that she would have children and wealth.

The mark of a fish on the wrist is a very good sign to have on the hand, as it indicates that she would have everything in the shape of children, husband, wealth and good position (see Figure 31).

A good woman with strength of will and character should have a wide and broad palm and strong thumb. She should not have the mounts of Venus and Moon overdeveloped. The mount of Venus should not be high and red, otherwise the woman would be passionate and there would be little chance of her having children. The fingers of Jupiter and Mercury should be pointed and that of Saturn and Sun spatulate and square. If the line of Heart has a trident on the mount of Jupiter it is a sign of great good fortune.

If the hand is heavily lined, the Head line long and sloping, Moon soft and low and the fingers crooked, the woman has a hysterical disposition and will dwell much upon fancied and unreal troubles and grievances. She would make mountains of molehills.

If the mount of Mercury is weak and the thumb poor, the line of Life weak and unevenly traced, it shows want of will, spirit and ability to shake off diseases and troubles. Such a woman would have little recuperative power.

A heavily lined palm, pointed or conic fingers, weak thumb, a grilled and high mount of Venus, a broken girdle of Venus, the line of Heart with branches or with hair lines drooping downwards, and a weak line of Head denote a woman with a hysterical temperament, little self-control and an emotionally responsive disposition very easily liable to fall a prey to advances from the opposite sex. These marks will be all the more unfavourable and suggestive of loose morals if the lines of Fate and Heart are islanded.

Lines of Children. Lines of Children are those perpendicular lines which are found on the mount of Mercury (Fig. 30, 1). Deep and long lines denote clever strong children who achieve an outstanding success in the world. Breaks and islands in the line indicate delicate children and their illnesses. They should be marked in both hands and if this is the case, they are expected to be long-lived and healthy. On the hand of a mother or father who is devoted to children and fond of them, lines of children are easily counted as they are more clearly and deeply marked. Strong and thick lines indicate boys and fine lines girls.

The student should not forget that the eldest child is marked in the centre of the mount of Mercury under the finger, and the number should be counted to the verge of the hand.

Some writers have given minute indications regarding the number of children and their health to be read from the mount of Mercury, but I have not been able to read them on all hands, some people in spite of the presence of lines having no children







at all. These lines should be interpreted as referring to ferti

lity. A person would not be childless if he or she has his or

her line of Heart forked on the mount of Mercury (see Fieure

30, 2).  V         6


Woman with the sign of fish clearly marked have not been found to be childless. But when this sign is absent, and the mount of Venus abnormally developed, the line of Heart rising from the mount of Saturn and running in a curved way accompanied by the girdle of Venus, conical fingers, and a thumb denoting weak will power are found on the hands of a woman, the conclusion is that she would be licentious and childless. Women and men with broad palms and all the principal lines clearly marked and traced have been found to have children.

How and Where to Read Children According to Indian Writers. (1) One writer says that the line of children are found at the base of the thumb on the mount of Venus (see Fig. 30). Long, thick and clear-cut lines indicate sons, short and thin daughters. Uncrossed, unbroken and faultless lines denote long-lived children, and broken and weak lines short-lived ones..

(2) The second view is that on the joint of the thumb with the palm, islands or Yav are seen (see Fig. 30, 4). The number of big islands refer-to sons and small ones to daughters. According to one writer, a big island on this place is said to

be a sure sign of one being blessed with a son. This sign I have seldom found to err.Children may also be read from the lines found bet ween the lines of Heart and Head (see Fig. 30).  If the line of Life called the

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