with clean-cut and straight lines, especially a forked or triple forked line of Heart, a low-set finger of Mercury with a long first phalange and a point-tipped finger of Jupiter have friendly feelings and prove to be good friends attracting people to their side; but because of deficient Mercurial tendencies they allow themselevs to be used by unscrupulous people for their own ends.

Hindu View about Friends. An Indian writer says that vertical lines on the third phalanges of the fingers of the right hand denote friendship. If these lines are uncrossed by horizontal lines, faultless and unbroken, they indicate happiness in friendship (Fig. 32, C).

Enemies. Saturn and Mars are the planets, the malignant influence of which causes troubles and worries in our life. Downward lines rising from the mount of Saturn and running down the palm are said to denote accidents; unfavourable signs and lines thereon indicate misfortunes, and absence of a strong and branched line of Fate is a clear sign of misfortune, unless there

are favourable signs present on other parts of the hand, like the triple fork to the lines of Heart and Sun, and the mark of fish on the wrist. Similarly, the two mounts of Mars on the palm are the seats where palmists read enemies who interfere with our career and cause us trouble. All European writers are unanimous in stating that horizontal lines running from the percussion to the inside of the palm on the upper mount of Mars

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

fig. 32.

Friend showing 12, 23, 45. Friends showing on third phalanges of fingersC. Death Cross on line of FriendC. Star on Friend line 23 H. Colour lines A*, Bl, C*, D*.

situated between the lines of Heart and Head denote enemies (see Fig. 33 A). If these lines are long and strong and cross the lines of Sun and Fate, they denote enemies who would be a source of hindrance in our success and career. From the strength or otherwise of these lines would be judged the nature of the ill-effects caused. This upper mount of Mars is also the place where are marked signs of litigations, and if these small horizontal lines are connected with lines coming from the side of the base of the thumb, they would show that there would be litigation with members of tie family (see Fig. 33, B B1).

Similarly, if horizontal lines are seen coming from the lower Mars (see Fig. 33, 1-2) the enemies indicated are of our own sex. If these lines come from the base of the thumb, they






represent people who are from our family circle, otherwise they denote outsiders. When these inimical tendencies touch only the Life line, they distract our life and cause ill-health; but if they cross over to the line of Fate and cut it, monetary losses and interference with our career are indicated, and if they attack the line of Head, these interferences would cause mental worries, and if they cross over to the line of Heart, they may interfere with the emotional and affectionate side of our life, and if the line of Sun is also attacked, the enemies would make efforts to bring us into disreputes. Besides, on the other palm will be seen lines coming from the mount of Venus and crossing the lines of Life, Fate, Head, Sun and Heart. Such lines represent members of the opposite sex who would be our enemies, (see Fig. 33, C-C1).

If the lines of enemies above referred to are islanded, they denote persons who are notorious and infamous.

Sometimes lines of enemies rise cutting the lines of Sun and fate and cross over to Saturn. In such cases, they indicate all-powerful enemies and the fate is blasted. Such a line was present on the hand of Napoleon I (see Fig. 34, 3-4).

According to an Indian author, the lines of enemies are found on the second phalange of the finger of Saturn. These are perpendicular lines. These lines have also been said to indicate sons as stated elsewhere. I have not been able to verify these lines, and only mention this to stimulate research.

If the main lines, i.e. the lines of Heart, Head, Life, Fate and Sun, are strong, deep, well-traced and branched, the cross lines from the Mount of Mars indicative of enemies, may only denote interferences, worries and obstacles; and the destiny will not be blasted so long as none of these runs to Saturn. The greater and more highly placed the person, the greater would the inimical tendencies appear in his life. But the great ones of the earth, like the Avatar Shri Rama, meet with the heavy worldly misfortunes, but their strength of character keeps them up, and the more misfortunes and impediments appear in their lire, the more magnificent achievements mark their career, and they leave behind a name that lives for ever.

Colour Lines (see Figure 32,). If the palm of a person be examined carefully with a powerful magnifying glass, the palmist would find hair lines rising from the influence lines on the mount of Venus indicating friends and running to the mounts of Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Mercury and Venus. These hair lines have been called Colour Lines, and if judged aright, they indicate the type of person who would influence the subject. As for the example, tf the hair line runs up to the mount of Jupiter, the person who has influenced the subject is a Jupite-rian. These Colour Lines refer to persons of the opposite sex; and when they indicate one's own sex, they would not run over to any mount, but end between the fingers of Mercury and


fig. 33.

Lines on upper mounts of MarsA.

Lines from base of thumb of Percussion showing litigation


Woman enemy from VenusCC1.

Powerful enemies34.

Enemies from lower Mars12.

Sun. This view has been expressed by Mrs. Robinson in her book The Graven Palm (see Fig. 32, 2).

The student should note that Colour Lines, if islanded, indicate a bad influence.

Death Cross. On the mount of Venus and elsewhere on the palm, will be found lines cut by a small cross line indicative of the death of the person represented by the line (see Fig. 32, 3).

Girdle of Venus (see Fig. 34, 1-2 and 3-4). Of the minor lines found on the hand, the girdle of Venus has an importance of its own. Desborroles says that the girdle of Venus is a sign of evil, false ambition, addiction to lies, coquetry and sensuality. This is an extreme view which has since been modified The girdle should be considered unfavourable only when it is seen in pieces and marked with criss-cross lines.

The girdle of Venus runs from between the first and second finger in a semi-circular form to between the fingers of Apollo and Mercury. On some hands, it runs parallel to the line of





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