Heart; and for estimating the affectionate side of the character of a person, it should be carefully examined. This sign accentuates the moral weakness of an individual, tinges his nature with selfishness, and prejudices him in favour of the object of his affection. It makes him restless in love. Mrs. St. Hill writes: "This line never allows its possessor to rest in his affections. It is provocative of over-sensitiveness and of jealousy in affairs of the heart, of perversity, of an excessive and exclusive mental attachment; although melancholia or hysteria should not be attributed to it, it makes a temperament difficult to live with. The owners of this sign are difficult to please, in their affections they easily misplace them, and are very unhappy in their love affairs, and should be most careful in matrimony, they set the ideal so high. The owners of this line are certainly very faithful in their affection, even if difficult to live with. They are so liable to make a bad choice in matrimony that it is often better to wait a little later than others in settling their affairs, as after thirty the effect of the lines seems to be much modified." This quotation from St. Hill contains a lot of truth regarding the indication of the girdle of Venus. The possessor of this sign has emotional responsiveness in a large measure, and if the hand is good, the subject is intellectually very keen. Poets and literary men of a very high order have been found to have this sign marked on their hands. On the other hand, if the hand is bad, the Heart line indicative of flirtatious disposition, the Venus mount showing excessive physical warmth and passion, Luna overdeveloped denoting a riotous imagination, thumb supple with weak reasoning and will-power and fingers thin and pointed indicating emotionalism, the girdle of Venus will aggravate and intensity all these qualities. That is why a broken, wavy and islanded girdle of Venus found on a hand indicates a neurotic and hysterical woman, a sensual and warm-hearted man. If the line of Heart is straight, with the girdle of Venus present, sexual perversion and inversion are sometimes indicated.

If the lines of Fate and Sun are badly crossed and cut by the girdle of Venus, the subject stands in danger of his fate and success being ruined on account of his sexual habit, and sometimes of a wreckage of health as a result of venereal disease. If this sign attacks the attachment lines on the mount of Mercury, it is unfavourable to happiness in married life.

In short, the girdle of Venus gives an intensity to the character.

The Line of Moon or Intuition (see Fig. 34, M-N.). On some hands may be seen a line rising from the mount of Moon and running in a semicircle ending near the line of Heart. If clearly marked, it is a sign denoting intuitional powers and a love of occult sciences. People with this mark have a 'gift of presentiment'.


fig. 34.

Girdle of Venus Unbroken1-2.

Broken Girdle of Venus3-4.

Line of IntuitionM-N.

Line of IntemperanceG-H.

Lines of Voyage according to Indian WritersNl-T.

Line of Intemperance (Fig. 34 G-H). There is a line which is rarely marked on the hand. It runs from Venus to Moon. It is not a good line as it gives a tendency to indulge in alcoholic drinks and a tendency to allow himself to be dominated by sensualism ultimately resulting in physical and financial wreck. The unfavourable influence of the lower side of one's nature reinforced by malignant influences of Moon and Venus dominates the life.

The Mounts of Moon and Venus refer to the physical, coarser and sensual side of human nature, and unless controlled by the will-power they are likely to be prejudicial to the career and health of the subject.

Line of Travel and Voyage. The Mount of Moon governs water and countries situated overseas. In view of this fact, all European authors read long and short sea voyages from the horizontal and perpendicular lines found on the Mount of Moon. According to some the lower part of the Moon has lines referring to land journeys. The presence of a number of perpendicular lines on Luna Mount indicates a restless disposition, anxious and curious to know the world outside. Hori-




zonta! lines from the side of the percussion and running to the inside of the hand on the Moon Mount indicate voyages. If these lines are clearly and finely traced they denote voyages, the number being read from the lines present. Breaks, islands, crosses and stars, if present, are a sign showing preservation from an extreme type of danger indicated (see Fig. 34.).

Besides, line of voyages are also read from the little lines that start from the line of life and run to the Mount of Moon.

The year in which the voyage would be undertaken should be read on the line of Life, when the line branches off from there, and from the lines on the percussion to the Mount of Moon according to their position on the Mount. If it is in the centre of the Mount, the year is the 35th, and if found lower or higher, fix time accordingly.

There are writers who do not attach any importance to the lines as showing voyages and journeys. They read from them indications regarding health, and Indian writers read brothers and sisters. Accoraing to them, the student should note the principle that if the Mount of Moon is developed and has perpendicular lines present on it and the subject has the means to undertake voyages, there is every likelihood of his going on a sea voyage. This view is quite reasonable. Besides, it has also been seen that people who have a roving disposition and undertake frequent journeys, and voyages have no lines of voyages marked on their hands. To tnem voyages are a matter of cours^.

Indian View. According to the Hindu view, lines of voyages start from the base of the thumb and run towards the line of Life. The number of voyages and journeys would be in accordance with the lines present. If the lines are neatly and clearly traced without any unfavourable mark of a cross, dot, island or star on it, the journeys and voyages would be successful, (see Fig. 34, N-T).



Lord Buddha in his Dhammapada says, "Contentment is the greatest wealth, to be healthy is supreme gain, faith is greatest friend and Nirvan or liberation is the best of bliss." That to be healthy is the greatest good fortune has been acknowledged by all. As a matter of fact, it is a gift from God, In spite of this universally accepted fact, there are very few people interested in knowing from a hand-reader facts about their health indicated by their palm. I was surprised to note that even people in bad health who consulted me about their future never bothered to know what the future held as to their health. There is absolutely no doubt that palmistry helps us in reading symptoms of disease from signs and marks found on the hand and so take a timely warning. Modern European writers on Palmistry- have dealt with Medical Palmistry in a fairly exhaustive way, and the student is referred to their works. In this chapter I shall give those hints and points which are sure indicators of health or disease as have been verified by me.

The healthy hand has been found by me to be well-formed without being unbalanced in any particular way, the skin firm and smooth in texture, the palm elastic and

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