rather hard with nothing of coldness or heat about it, the nails large and bright and the Mounts and fingers normally developed. The colour of the palm should be pinkish and even all over it. So far as the lines are concerned, the principal lines should be clearly and deeply traced, unbroken, well-coloured and lying in their normal places. Besides, the fewer the lines, the less troubled either physically or mentally is the subject.

The presence of a crowd of small lines all over the palm denotes an extreme sensitiveness of disposition and the nervous system, and according to the Indian school, it is a mark of a miserable life. It is a fact that people have been found who worry themselves into bad health. The fact of the matter is that in this troubled age, a hand indicative of a serenity of disposition and mind is hard to find.

In order to obtain indications about the health of a person, the student should carefully examine the nails, the line of Fate (the indicator of natural vitality and the state of the stomach and digestive system), the line of Health, its character, place of rise and termination, the colour of the lines, and last but not the least the Mounts indicative of the influence of the planets and the special mount type to which the subject belongs, and consequently the illnesses and accidents to which he is prone.

It the lines of Life, Heart and Head are clearly and deeply marked, the subject has a naturally sound digestive system,







heart and brain, and, if on the other hand they are unevenly traced, broken, islanded, starred, crossed and cut by criss-cross lines, the health is not normal at all, and a long life cannot with confidence be predicted. The line of Health should not rise above the line of Heart, nor should it in any place touch the line of Life, otherwise the health would not Ibe normal. The student should bear in mind the indications regarding these lines given elsewhere in the book as also of the nails.


1.  2.

Lines broken, islanded, tasselled or frayed. Criss-cross lines running all over.

The following are the marks and signs of an unhealthy hand:—

(1)   Hand is abnormal with twisted fingers, flabby palm and damp and soft skin.

Nails are brittle or too hard, bluish in colour.

Spots, and badly and unevenly coloured skin.

Abnormal lines.

'5 Small lines covering the palm.

6 Mounts marked with unfavourable signs like islands, grills, crosses, tassels, etc.

Blue or black dots present on any part of the line. Fading lines indicative of ebbing vitality. Weak or broken, islanded, starred, spotted or taselled lines of Life, Head and Heart (See Fig. 35.).

The student is advised to master the characteristics of the mounts as a person in spite of enjoying the best of health at the time of the examination of the palm, would be liable to suffer from ailments to which his mount type is prone.

Diseases and Accidents Indicated by the Hand. Bad health is indicated by a pale and very wide Life line, chained and uneven. If a star or dot is found anywhere on the line, it is a sign of shock and illness.

Heart Diseases. For heart diseases, the mount of Apollo and the line of Heart should be carefully examined. Apollo-nians are prone to heart diseases and weakness of the eyesight. Breaks and islands in the line of Heart indicate heart diseases of various kinds. A chained and feathered line indicates a weakness of the organ, in the functioning of which decay sets in. An islanded broken Heart line in the right hand should be considered serious and the subject should be immediately treated by the doctor. Nails in heart diseases have ridges on them and are fluted. Blue dots are also seen (See Fig. 36}



3.  4.

fig. 36. Line of Heart islanded, spotted and frayed showing heart trouble

and weakness of sight. Line of Head starred, spotted, islanded and marked with small

upright lines showing Drain diseases. 3, 31, 32 showing diseases of digestive system. Diseases of bladder, kidneys and female sexual system.

Brain Diseases. For disorders of the brain and head, the line of Head should be examined. If the line is looped deli-







rium may be indicated. If starred an accident to the head. If broken urder Jupiter, indicates a serious brain illness in early life, if under Saturn in middle age. Nervous headaches are indicated by dents on the line and by the presence of small lines crossing and cutting it. A fading line of Head means loss of mental strength.

Diseases of the Alimentary Candl or Digestive Organs. For the diseases of the digestive organs, the lines of Life and Health, the mount of Mercury and the upper mount of Moon should be examined. If the line of Life is islanded, chained or dimly and unevenly marked, the stomach and intestines are weak, and the subject suffers from indigestion. The Line of Health should touch me Hue of Heart or ascend the mount of Mercury, otherwise it would be a sign of weak digestion. It should not be double, islanded, wide or broken. If it is so, it indicates weakness of the internal organs. Jaundice and a disordered liver are indicated by a long island on the Health line, yellow lines and palm, line of Health broken and nails spotted. If the upper mount of Moon is lined and reddish in colour, weakness of the intestines is indicated.

Mercury governs the brains, liver and kidneys, and hence Mercurians are liable to suffer from diseases of these organs. Dropsy should be read from the upper mount of Luna.

Diseases of the Chest and Respiratory Organs or Lungs. The mount of Jupiter and the line of Heart thereon, the line of Health and the nails should be examined in order to read inflammation of the lungs, quinsy, pleurisy, consumption or tuberculosis of the lungs. If on the mount of Jupiter a transverse island and cross lines and dents are found, pleurisy and pneumonia should be read.

For the affection of the bronchial tubes, look for a chained Head line under Jupiter or crossing of the same line under the mount of Saturn. If the line of Health is

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