islanded, it also indicates lung and throat affections, especially when the island is on the line of Health situated on both sides of the Head line.

Throat affections are also read from criss-cross lines on the lower mount of Mars. Under the junction of Jupiter and Saturn on the Life line is the seat of the throat, and its disorders are read from islands, dots and a discoloured skin.

Tuberculosis of the lungs should be read on the line of Heart rising on Jupiter and there becoming feathered, and islanded or blurred from Saturn to Jupiter. The nails appear high, curved and bulbous. Tangled or grilled lines on the same indicate the same fate.

Asthma should be read on the Head line rising up and leaving a small and narrow space between the Head and Heart


On the hand of a boy of 18, I found an island on the line

of Health rising on the mount of Mercury and the boy died of consumption. (See Fig. 37).

Fevers. Fevers are of numerous types and it becomes difficult for a student to identify them on tne hand. However, hints to read them are given here.

If there is blue or black dot on the line of Head typhoid is indicated.

A red dot on the Health line indicates gastric fever.

Scarlet fever is said to be read from a circle or square on the Life line enclosing a cross.

Fine lines crossing the line of Heart under Saturn, which rules all rheumatic troubles, and a soft skin denote rheumatic fever.



2.      3. 4. 5.

Tuberculosis of the lungs.

Pleurisy and pneumonia, quinsy.

Respiratory diseases.

Throat affections.

Asthma when space narrow between Heart and Heaa fines.

For a correct reading of a tendency to suffer from fevers, the student is referred to fmd out if the hands of the subject are soft, the skin damp and the mounts of Mars exaggerated as it is these mounts which govern a susceptibility to fever diseases of the head and lower parts of the body and all those

S 12





illnesses which result from accidents, fire, burns, cuts and firearms.

Diseases of the Spine and Rheumatism. The mount of Saturn has marks of these disorders. In the case of spinal diseases, the line of Head under the junction of Jupiter and Saturn is broken and islanded and looped. The mount of Saturn when hollow and marked with perpendicular lines indicates rheumatism.

If Saturn is marked with unfavourable signs, teeth are lost in early life.

Eye Diseases. Diseases of the eyes are read from the line of Heart under Apollo. A circle with a dent indicates blindness. Islands indicate weakness of eyesight.

The mount of Moon has marks of diseases like lunacy, consumption, dropsy, danger of drowning and diseases of the sto-macn, intestines and lower parts. On the hand of a man, the lower mount of Moon has marks of urinary disorders like diabetes, kidney troubles and diseases of the bladder, and on that of a woman, diseases of the sexual system.

If the girdle of Venus and mount of Venus are badly marked, they indicate several diseases as also disorders of the generative organs.

For good health to be read from the hand, the following points should be noted:

The fingers are straight and long. The palm is broad, well-coloured, with well-marked lines in their normal position and criss-cross lines conspicuous by their absence. The line of Health is generally absent, and when present it is clearly marked without any unfavourable sign on it, does not touch the line of Life and does not rise on the mount of Mercury. The line of Mars is present. A strong mount of Mercury and finger and thumb indicating will-power, as also the mount of Sun and finger prominently developed, indicate the recuperative power and hopeful temperament of the subject who would make light of trouoles and diseases, and would throw them off soon and regain strength in a short time.



Modern writers have dealt with the methods to read professions from the hand in a fairly exhaustive way and the student is referred to the works of authors like Benham, St. Hill and St. Germane.

In ancient times and the middle ages, professions were limited, and it was easier to tell what the subject would do in life to earn his livelihood. But at the present time, the choice of professions is so wide that it would oe difficult to say what the subject would be in life. But the hand does certainly show the intellectual capacity, temperament, health, aptitude and talent for a particular Kind or trade or business, and a knowledge of these facts may be utilized by the parents and guardians to select a career for their sons, daughters and wards.

Mrs. St. Hill says that the dominant finger decides the career of the owner, and certainly settles the method of carrying out his avocation.

Fingers show capacity and the dominant finger shows capacity directed in to a certain channel. The domiant finger is the keynote to character and when found, takes predominance over all the other fingers of the hand.

Professions and trade for which a person is fitted can be read from the hand by a careful and thorough examination of the dominant finger and the mount at the base of it as also of the palm, the line of Head, the thumb and the consistency of the hand.

In order to arrive at a correct conclusion as to the fitness for a certain career of a person, it is necessary for the student to find out if the hand is firm or flabby, soft or hard, wide or narrow. People with a broad, firm hand, with few well-marked lines, and spatulated and square fingers, would be found fitted to become engineers, sailors, soldiers, and any other profession in which outdoor life and activities are present. If tne fingers are fairly long as compared with the palm, the subject oan make use of his brain as well as his body, i.e., he is capable of doing something in which physical activity is combined with intellectual work. A person with these signs would feel ill at ease if called upon to perform routine duties or clerical work.

On the other hand, if people have hands which are narrow with long, pointed or conic fingers, they are suited for indoor occupations. The daily round of monotonous duties is not distasteful to them.

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