The hand of a successful businessman is marked by a broad palm, fingers evenly set, a long spatulated Mercury finger with







its second phalange longer, and the lines of Head, Fate and Sun straight and well-traced.

The student is advised to examine the hand carefully in order to find out the dominant finger and the strongest mount, as this would enable him to judge the fitness of an individual for a certain profession, although there may be hands which are so marked that their possessor may be found fit for any kind of job, and sometimes such people pursue two kinds or more than two kinds of careers requiring opposing talents and mental tendencies.

Jupiter and Its Influence. When the finger and mount of Jupiter are dominant the subject is suited for professions where he would have a chance to supervise others and guide them. The Jupiterian is a ruling hand and all executive heads of departments of Government and institutions as also people holding administrative and supervisory jobs have the fupiter finger and mount prominent. The Church, diplomatic jobs and administation of law suit a Jupiterian. When the Mercury finger and mount are also strong, the subject would follow some learned profession and would be quite suited for brain work. Thus, a Jupiterian can become judge, councillor, lawyer, banker trustee, clothier, grocer and teacher.

Saturn and Its Influence. Wheu the Saturn mount and finger dominate the hand, the subject would be ruled by Sa-turnian tendencies which incline the subject to a life away from the crowd. He is not anxious to become prominent and to be in public eye. A Saturnian is serious, hardworking and patient, and as such he becomes fitted to pursue research in some scientific field. He is said to be interested in mathematics. Saturn rules the earth, and as such all professions connected with the earth like agriculture, mandgement of house property and agricultural land, surveying, planting and mining will prove suitable for him. Thus, Saturnians will become dealers in land and property, miner, coal merchant, plumber, architect, undertaker, jailor, grave digger, beggar, monk, antiquarian or worker in dark or heavy materials.

Indications of the Sun Mount. When the finger and mount of Sun are dominant an aptitude for fine arts or literature is indicated. Besides, the strength of this mount will incline the subject to take part in public affairs. Dramatic talents are also indicated when the Apollo finger is spatulated. This mount inclines a person to be a physician, chemist, artist, painter, actor; if marked with a trident, star, triangle or three parallel perpendicular lines, it makes a person king, nobleman, courtier, nigh government official, jeweller and gilder,

Mercury and Its Influence. When the finger of Mercury and if oaount are dominant, the subject is gifted with a capa-

city for using his talents, as also for availing himself of the circumstances and utilising the services of people that come his way. This mount makes a person enterprising, and without the strength of this mount, it is hardly possible for an able and gifted person to succeed in life. Great, famous and successful people have a strong finger and mount of Mercury. A Mereu-rian is hopeful and venturesome and is suited for a wide range of professions. He can easily be a doctor, lawyer, barrister, scientist, school master, accountant, clerk, businessman in stock exchanges, interpreter, research scholar, author, editor, secretary, accountant, palmist and astrologer. If unusually developed, uninfluenced and unstrengthened Dy either Jupiter or Venus, a thief is indicated. If associated with Saturn and influenced by it, a mining engineer, geologist, book-binder, dyer and antiquarian are indicated. Mercurians are also good sportsmen, and make capable businessmen.

Mars and Its Influence. If Mars is dominant, a person is fitted to be sportsman, soldier, sailor, veterinary surgeon, coachman, groom, bus-driver, circus rider, blacksmith, dentist, surgeon, iron and steel worker. If weak and malignantly influenced by other mounts, low grade mechanics, poor stonemasons, labourers and carpenters are made. Mars subjects also become engineers. With Mercury and upper Mars strong, a person makes an excellent airman.

Moon and Its Influence. If Moon dominates, the subject is inclined to be imaginative, unpractical, dissatisfied with his lot. A Lunarian can, however, become a novelist, poet or writer, provided the line of Head is clear cut and the thumb indicative of good will-power. If the percussion on its side has a curve, a creative talent is indicated; while on the other hand, if it is straight, calculative ability is shown. A Lunarian can be a sailor, traveller, fisherman, servant, washer-woman, advertiser or caterer. He can also do work which is connected with water or the public. If the Moon is influenced adversely or strongly by Mars, the subject would be a butcher.

Venus and Its Indications. With the Venus mount dominant, the subject will be inclined to be a musician. He will also have a certain amount of talent for painting and elocution. He can be a painter, musician, poet, maker of toilet accessories, dealer in scents and flowers, confectioner, embroiderer, milliner, dealer in women's goods or luxury trades. If associated with Moon, it will incline a person to be an engraver, a seamstress, upholsterer, or a glover. If Saturn is unfavourable, Venus makes a harlot. With the influence of Mars, a person becomes a dyer, metal worker, barber and perfumer.

In the above paragraphs brief indications of the dominance of the various fingers and mounts have been given, and it is hoped that the student, while finding out the dominant mount





and finger, will pay close attention to other mounts and fingers as well and will estimate their influence on the subject, and arrive at conclusions regarding the career by bearing in mind the indications of the marks, signs and mounts found on the hand. If this is done, the chances of coming to wrong and hasty conclusions will be reduced to a minimum.


The majority of people who consult astrologers and palmists are far more anxious to know when, how and to what extent they would amass money or come by it than anything else. But even in this aspect of life, standards differ very widely. Marks and signs of the hand should be interpreted with reference to the family and society in which a person is born. A line or sign of success on the hand of a prince may mean a kingdom: while on the hand of a clerk it will mean a rise, of a doctor a lucrative practice and of a businessman success in his undertakings.



1.  Main lines good and branched. 2. Fish. 3. Conch. 4. Triangle, 5. Star.

Trident. 7. Flag. 8. Star on the second phalange of the thumb.

Canopy. 10. Island on centre of the thumb and its base. 11. More

than three perpendicular lines. Line of Fate inclined to Jupiter and line

of Sun

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