marked with a sign of trident.

So far the word "fortune" has generally been taken to mean luck in the attainment of wealth, but it should not be restricted







to this meaning. There are people who do not look upon wealth as a sign of fortune, which they think is the viewpoint of the man in the street. Such people are high-souled and intellectually and spiritually disposed, The jingle of the coin does not attract them, and unless they succeed in attaining their cherished ideals, they do not look upon themselves as fortunate. Moreover, to be fortunate in the real sense of the word, one must have marks of domestic happiness denied to most, as also sound health and mental peace. So in this chapter we shall refer to signs and marks of fortune from all tnese standpoints.

Wealth and the Hand, The following are the marks and signs found on the hand of a rich man: —

The hand is not narrow, the fingers are normally developed and evenly set on the palm and the four mounts at the base of the fingers are well-developed, indicating a person who is endowed with all those qualities which are indicated by the said mounts. The finger of Mercury is long and straight and reaching to the first phalange of the ring finger denotes that the possessor is financially prosperous and fortunate. The palm is not hollow, the fingers when stretched and joined do not show gaps between them and the thumb is long*. It should be clearly understood that an unbalanced, ugly, primitive hand with a low-set Mercury finger, and the other fingers short, thick and ugly with gaps in between them, is a sign of poverty. Besides, there are very few lines on the hand of a poor man.

Lines and Signs. The hand is not heavily lined. But when it is, the ascending lines are more in number than the criss-cross lines coming from the side of the lower Mars and Venus and cutting across the main lines. It is a sign of a troubled life. Very few lines, i.e., only the lines of Life. Head and Heart with a shadowy Fate line are found on the hands of a poor man. A wealthy and prosperous man has lines of Jupiter and the line of Fate rising from the wrist or Moon or Lire line, ascending to the mount of Saturn and sending branches towards the mounts of Sun and Jupiter or itself inclining or running towards either of these mounts. The line of Fate or Saturn should be invariably accompanied by the line of Sun, which is an indicator of fortune. Without the line of Sun, the life is obscure and dark and the element of luck is sadly absent. Fortune and luck appear in life from the date the line rises in the palm. The line of Sun rising from the Fate line and merging into a line of Sun on its mount is the mark of a person attaining wealth at the age and time read on the Fate and Life lines from where the line of Sun takes its rise.

A triple forked line of Heart on the mount of Jupiter is the sign of wealth and fame. This the Indian writers call Trisul Rekha or Tripatrakar Kamal Rekha. This line, if lotus shaped, is the sign or a millionaire.

Three to four vertical lines or Urdh Rekhas ascending up

the fingers from the side of the wrist are found on the hands of a prince or a millionaire.

A star on the mounts of Sun, Jupiter or the second phalange of the thumb denotes wealth.

A triangle or star on the first bracelet is said to be a sign of inheritance of wealth.

A conch either on the wrist or on Jupiter indicates possession of at least a million of money. I found this sign on the hands of several men who rose from poverty to wealth.

The sign of a temple or Shivalay I found on the hand of a Marwari businessman who possessed several millions he had himself made during a period of 20 years. On his hand the line of Head was clear cut, straight and long, rising from Jupiter mount and sweeping through the palm to the mount of Mars. He had also the mark of a crocodile in the left hand.

The sign of fish on the wrist and Yav or island on the first joint of the thumb are the signs of a person who is financially prosperous and holds a respectable place in society. The latter sign is said to be the mark of a person who owns precious stones and is an honour to the family he belongs to.

According to the Hindu view, the line of Head is called Dhan Rekha or line of Wealth. This view conceals a great truth, since our material advancement depends to a great extent upon our mental outlook on life. If the line is straight and clear-cut, it denotes a practical mentality, and if other favourable indications are present, success in worldly affairs and accumulation of wealth should be regarded as a certainty.

A double line of Head is a sign of fortune. When a cross and star are found on the mount of Jupiter, they indicate a happy marriage and a rich dowry.

Good Health as a Sign of Fortune. No one can be regarded a fortunate person unless he has sound health. Besides, a healthy man alone can attend to his duties as a human being. We have already discussed "Health and Hand" in detail in Chapter XVIII and the student hardly requires anything further here on the subject to arrive at correct conclusions as to the health of a subject.

Domestic Happiness as an Indicator of Good Fortune.

Fortunate is the person who has a happy home. In this disturbed age a happy home is rarely found. Hence the hands have been seen to be profusely lined, indicative of worries and troubles. The marks and signs denoting domestic happiness and peace are: —

(1)       On the mount of Jupiter the line of Heart should be forked. When it has two branches, it is a good sign to have, but when these branches are three, it assumes the form of a trident which is a sign of great fortune. If this sign is accompanied by a cross and star on Jupiter, it shows a rich and happy marriage. The line of Heart or its branches should not bend







towards the line of Head and run to the mount of Mars inside the line of Life, as in that case domestic happiness would be denied to the possessor.

The line of Heart, if not branched towards the percus

sion under Mercury indicates childlessness, and militates against

domestic happiness, especially in India where a woman as

mother is more honoured than a woman as woman.

A clear sign of fish on the wrist is a good sign. If this

mark is found on the hands of a woman, it is considered very

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