auspicious as it denotes that the woman would have wealth,

chlidren and a husband who would outlive her. In India no

greater misfortune can come to a woman than that of her

becoming a widow, especially at an early age.

Marks denoting children, especially sons should be

found on the palrn.


1.  2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Lines on the palm islanded or wavy.

Broken lines of Fate and Sun.

Island on Fate line.

Island on Heart line.

Line of Health broken, wavy and touching Life line.

Signs of ill-health on mounts of upper Mars and Moon.


lity and attraction towards the opposite sex and a weak, supple thumb showing weak will-power are found, domestic peace and happiness are not indicated.

(6) There should not be a narrow space between the line of Head and Heart, for this is indicative of narrow-mindedness, and people with this sign have been found to be swayed by bigotry of an extreme kind. For domestic happiness, it is extremely necessary that the lines and signs indicative of compatibility of temperament are present. For fuller information on the subject, the reader is referred to the chapter on the line of Heart and girdle of Venus and their indications.

A woman with a weak line of Head and lines of Jupiter indicating a tendency to rule and lay down the law cannot enjoy domestic peace as her exacting and irritable nature would prevent a happy home life.

A person with a weak thumb and a sloping and weak line of Head rising from within the line of Life on the mount of Mars is not likely to live at peace with the members of his family.

A weak thumb, a broken and double girdle of Venus, thin and pointed fingers, a line of Heart indicating a flirtatious disposition and a tendency to inversion and perversion, and the palm covered all over with criss-cross lines, point to unhappi-ness in the married state.

(5) If the girdle of Venus showing abnormal emotional sensitivity, a very high mount of Venus denoting excess of vita-







In this part an attempt will be made to place characteristic hands, The reading is not claimed to be novel or original, but the method of interpretation is certainly new and the reader will find that the unusual marks and signs mentioned by ancient Hindu writers have been illustrated and interpreted.

Left and Pdght Hands of Mahatma Gandhi Drawings from photos of the left and right hands of Mahatma Gancni are made use of in the bock to give the reader an idea about the sort of hands the Mahatma had. It is a pity that a clear photograph of his hands could not be taken, although a few days before his death such a one was very kindly promised, but as ill-luck would have it, this could not be done owing to his sudden and unexpected end.


1.       2, 3. 4.

Line of Heart with branches or forks.

Triangles formed by Diksha Rekha and forks of Heart line.

Diksba Rekha or line of renunciation.

Mark of bow.

5. Flag made by 2 & 3 marks.

The photos herein used indicate the shape and size of the palm, fingers and thumb, and thus cheirognomic indications can be gathered; but as the marks, signs and lines are not distinctly

traced and appear blurred, a clear reading from the standpoint of Cheiromancy cannot be given. However an attempt is here made and the drawings are left to the judgment, study and imagination of the student and the reader,

The hand is well-balanced with beautiful smooth, tapering, conical fingers of a medium size coupled with a long, masterful, low-set thumb. The palm appears broader under the fingers than at the wrist. The four mounts of Jupiter, Saturn, Sun and Mercury are ideally well developed, a very rare occurrence. The Mercury finger is long, straight and set high on the palm and stands away from the other fingers in both the hands. The finger of Sun is very long and appears to go up the nail phalange of the second finger. In view of these facts one cannot but conclude that the fortunate possessor of these hands must have been an amazing personality. Will-power of an extraordinary tvpe represented bv the thumb, as also an uncommon strain of sympathy, unselfishness and large-hearted-ness and clear reasoning faculties can easily be read. The smoothness and conical shape of the fingers indicates inspirational and intuitional faculties of a very high order. The mount of Venus developed towards the thumb indicates a strength and purity of character and transmutation of the sexual energy, represented by Venus, into a desire to serve India and Man. The fingers being evenly set indicate a well-balanced nature and is a mark of greatness and success. The length of the little finger and its standing away from the other fingers show that the possessor would have mental ability of a very high order and uncommon literary talents. Its standing away shows that the Mahatma would not be dominated by his environment, but would rise above it. It is a historical fact that Gandhiji, at no stage of his career, allowed himself to be deluged by the circumstances about him, but rose above them and always took an independent line of action, which surprised the world as also his countrymen and devoted followers.

The uncommon length of the third finger, its smoothness and straightness, gave Gandhiji a happy and cheerful disposition and a tendency to take even his own life at the altar of his principles and in obedience to the voice of God within him. The strength of the mount of Mercury and its fingers is indicative of his having self-control. Moreover, look at the subconscious represented by the mounts of Moon, Upper Mars, Sun and Mercury. This is the mark of a person who is not a materialist.

Look at another rare mark present on both hands. This sign and other marks are illustrated by drawing to show the indications on the hands. The attention of the students is drawn to the low-set, long line of Heart which is forked. It forms with Diksha Rekha, or the line of renunciation, encircling the mount of Jupiter and merging in the line of Heart between Jupiter and Saturn fingers, a triangle, and the fact of its being


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