in our favour. Others are born poor, with a never-do-well battle to be fought. At the same time we know that man has surmounted adversity. Physical limitations hold him back, but by dint of sheer will power, he moves ever forward and upward. We infer from this that under the influence of a strong will the lines of the palm undergo changes corresponding to the altered life of the person. How and under what laws such changes are wrought on the hand it is not possible to say. It may, perhaps, be hazarded that God stimulates the sub-conscious mind in connection with the coming change, and because of the intimate connection between the hand and the mind, imprints are made or modified on the palm,

Is it possible for an astrologer or palmist to forecast an event, seeing that the element of free-will is likely to cause changes in the markings on the hand? Palmist authorities answer variously. Desbarroles, the Frenchman, declared that it is not possible to read the occurrence of events marked on the hands more than five years in advance. But actually palmists have been able to predict events relating to accidents, bereavements, and other fatalities as also happiness and success (suggested by hand-marks), which did come to pass at the specified time. In many cases, the warning against dangers and 'don'ts" were carelessly unheeded.

On the other hand, palmists have been able to notice the dimming line of Life growing deeper, while a broken one rejoins. If they had foretold death, which the masters do not permit, their forecast would not have come true. I myself could predict several years in advance the shape of things to come. But there were cases in which my predictions did not turn out to be accurate, presumably either because of my own imperfect reading, or uncontrollable changes in the lines due to the use of will power.

If the view of the Greek philosophers that Fate is above Zeus, the Father of the Gods, is held, we would have to believe that even incarnations of the Deity, like Shri Rama and Shri Krishna fall under the law of Karma. Mysterious are the decrees of destiny, as Manu has exclaimed. This being so, the presence, appearance or disappearance, deepening or fading of the lines and signs will for ever remain a closed book, and no explandtion will ever be possible. Further, it will also remain a mystery whether the hand-marks connoting distinction, riches, and success are present at the outset, or whether they develop as their possessors carve out destinies for themselves. An answer could only be given if detailed records had been taken and preserved. But this much can be said: the mark of eminence and success has invariably been present at the time of the hand-reading.

To me it does not seem quite accurate that palmists and astrologers are in a position to foresee the entire course of human existence. This kind of fore-know] edge would be divine; hence our science can by no means claim infallibility. A palmist should know his limitations. As for myself, I must state that I have been successful to a large extent in forecasting the salient events of a Me. But I could never be definite as to the exact span of a life—not that there are no clear rules governing correct conclusions in this matter but that is the one thing above all else that Providence appears to have jealously hidden from the ken of man. After the event, a reasonable explandtion of the fated dissolution of a human body is afforded by the palmist by referring to the fact that of all the lines on the human hand the line of Health is the most changeable. It varies with the life we are leading. Hence, at the time of death, it takes on a malignant, dangerous form presaging dissolution.

The fixing of time on the hand with reiereneo to events is extremely difficult. Different methods have I iron advocated. A good student of this book, however, should have no difficulty. For this reason the predictive aspect of hand-reading cannot be i-arf-lessly brushed aside. If it were, the seienee would lose much of its charm; as men in all walks of life, prinee as well as pauper and celebrities like Annie Besant, Vivekandnda, Lady Curzon and Napoleon have consulted palmists and astrologers. For foreknowledge is an obsession (almost) with everyone, even though it may turn out ill.

This book is divided into three parts. The first deals with Cheirognomy; the second with Cheiromancy; and the third with Practical Palmistry. In the last section I have

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