as also of disease and ill-health.

The idealistic line of Heart coupled with Diksha Rekha indicate a happy married life and Gandhiji and his wife Kas-turba led an ideally happy life and their love endured right up to the end.

The zones of imagination and the sub-conscious are more developed than the zones of society and materialism represented by Jupiter and Venus. Therefore it is that Gandniji was not inclined towards materialism. On the contrary, he developed his "Sixth Sense/' i.e., the internal eye, to such a great extent that through it he could come into touch with God; and to Him he turned again and again when he was in doubt as to what course of action he should take. Hand of a Great Indian Philosopher and Saint (See Fig. 42)

The hand of the great Indian philosopher, religious reformer, author and Saint who won international fame has the follcfwing marks and signs on it:

Marks of Greatness as a Saint, Philosopher and Religious Revivalist and Reformer.

Double line of Heart with a trident on Jupiter inclin

ing him to be absorbed in the worship of God.

The first phalange of the Jupiter finger long.

The line of renunciation or Diksha Rekha on the

mount of Jupiter which made him a Sanyasi who gave up the

world after the age of 20.

Triangle attached to the line of Fate on Saturn is the

mark of a Yogi who realizes God and has the good fortune of

having His Vision.

Sign of Lotus or Padma on the mount of Jupiter is the

mark of a God-man like Shree Ram and Shree Krishna.

The line of Head or Matri Rekha rises from Jupiter

and in a beautiful curve ends on Jupiter endowing him with an uncommon intelligence,

The finger of Mercury is straight indicating literary


Mounts of Mercury, Upper Mars and Moon with a

creative curve of the percussion show literary talents and spi

ritualistic tendencies.

The triangle formed by the lines of Head, Fate and

Health denotes a prophet, scholar, and one possessed of intui

tive and occult powers. The lines of Fate, Head, Life, Heart,

and Sun are also so beautifully connected with one another

that they indicate that the great Swami had a wonderful co

ordination of all his spiritual, intellectual and physical faculties

in his religious and intellectual activities.

Signs of Celebrity and Success as an Author, Religious Reformer and Saint:

fig. 42.


2.       3. 4.

Double line of Heart.

Trident, lotus, and triangle on Saturn and flag. Triangle on Sun mount. Line of life shadowy and weak. Diksha Rekha or line of renunciation making him a Sanyasi


6. Flag 7. Bow. 8. Fish. 9. Star on Jupiter.

(1)   There are more than three Urdh or ascending lines— the mark of a prince. The Swami was undoubtedly a prince among men. These lines are the line of the Fate rising from

S 13







the line of Life and four lines of Sun, one of which is seen rising from the Life line, the second from the mount upper of Mars, the third from below the line of Heart and the fourth from the line of Fate.

The trident of Jupiter is a sign of unusual fame and

good fortune,

The line of Sun is associated with a triangle, a mark

of Kterary ability and fame as an author and public worker.

The main lines of Fate, Heart and Head are branched

forming the mark of line of tree, which is a sign of a fortunate

person who does good to his fellow creatures. Marks of flag

and bow made him a Saint and a prince among Saints,

On hand the line of Life is shadowy and the line of Health threatening and this explains his death at the early age of 39. The hand was inclined to be beautiful and psychic with fingers inclined to be pointed, a fact indicating that he would be a Saint and philosopher. It would interest the reader to know that the Swami had faith in Palmistry, for in his biography we read: 1 must become a Sannyasin, he would tell his friend, a palmist predicted it and he would show a certain straight line on the palm of his hand which indicated the tendency to monastic life/

The Hand of a world-renowned Theosophist. (See Fig. 43)

The thumb is finely shaped, and denotes a strong will power and reasoning faculties of a very high order. The fingers are knotty, and the first knots strongly developed indicated an author. This lady was a prolific writer and has remarkable works on religion and philosophy to her credit. The first phalanges of all me fingers are longer, especially that of the fingers of Mercury and Jupiter, which denotes strong religious tendencies and oratorical powers. It is a fact that she won fame as head of a philosophico-religious society and speaker on religious and political topics. Her speeches were marked with force and eloquence. The mount of Saturn is developed and the second finger is high-set,

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