and all the other fingers are inclined towards it, denoting thereby her inclination towards religion and renunciation.

Look at the main lines which are deeply traced, and the branches which form what the Hindu authors call the line of Tree, a sign of greatness, supported by the line of Mars endowing her with robust health and long life.

Look at the lines of Fate, Sun, Heart, Mercury and Head which are all triple forked, a mark of great good fortune, extraordinary fame as an author, speaker, political and religious leader. It is a fact that her grasp of ancient Hindu philosophy and presentation thereof to the world was remarkable and extraordinary, and she did much to popularise the teachings of ancient Hindu sages among the English-reading public or the world. She was a great educational worker and her founding the central Hindu School and Theosophical College for women

in Benares will always be remembered. She worked for the Home Rule Movement in India, the home of her adoption. The people of India still remember and venerate her for the services she rendered to this country.

The following marks and signs which show fame in the world of religion, literature and politics were found on her hand. These signs, as already stated, were found on the hands and feet of great men and women Like Shri Krishna and Ra-dhika.

Star on the mount of Jupiter, a sign of greatness.

Line of Heart with triple forks and trident, a mark of

i^reat good fortune. This is true in the case of this person

who was born in England, and married a clergyman from

whom she separated and came to India which she adopted as

her home. The position she occupied in society was a very high

one and she rose to be the president of the Theosophical So-

nety which position she had right up to her death. She was

awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Literature by the

iienares University. She richly deserved this honour.

Triangle on Saturn, a sign of Yoga or union with God.

Lines of Sun, Mercury and Head marked with a tri-

ient at the end. This is the mark of uncommon fame as an

uithor, orator and literary person. The line of Head is straight

and rising from the mount of Jupiter and slightly touching the

Life line runs towards the percussion. Such a line has oeen

found on the hands of great ones of the world endowed with

wonderful administrative talents and organizing capacity of an

extraordinarily high order.

There are more than three ascending lines or Urdh

liekhas, a mark of a prince or Raja.

There are two fishes marked on the hand. This is a

sign which confers on the hands of a woman husband, child

ren, wealth, rank. She had a lifelong relationship with a son

and daughter, both still living. The line or renunciation

(marked A) and branches of the line of Heart curving on the

line of Head militated against conjugal happiness. As a matter

of fact she was "married" to the mission, so dear to her of pro

pagating throughout the world the wisdom of the ancient


Look at the mark of flag. This denotes unusual suc

cess or fame. It is a fact that she won international fame as

the president of Theosophical Society and as an author.

There is clear big triangle made by the line of Fate,

Head line and the line of Mercury. This is a mark of a person

endowed with the faculty of looking into the future and with

spiritual knowledge. This mark denotes an inclination to renun

ciation and a noble and good heart.

The hand is philosophic and that is why, although

born in England, she became so keenly interested in Theoso-

phy that she ultimately rose to be the president of the society,







and occupied this office with distinction as long as she lived. The Hand of India's Poet-Philosopher and Noble Laureate. (See Fig. 44).

The hand of the world famous poet-philosopher of India will illustrate some unusual marks and signs found on great and famous hands.

fig. 43.

1.  Star on Jupiter. 2. Line of Heart with a trident and triple fork. 8. Triangle on Saturn. 4. Line of Sun with a trident forks. 5, Line of Head with triple forks. 6. Flag. 7, Fish. 8. Line of Fate forked. 9. Line of

Diksha or renunciation.

The hand was beautifully and harmoniously developed. The fingers were sensitive and tapering and looked like flames of

fire, remaining one of the fingers painted by the artists of Ajanta.

Look at the line of Head which rises from the mount of Jupiter and terminates in a beautiful curve on the mount of Moon. It has two upper forks forming a sort of trident. The mount of Moon is developed with a creative curve at the

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