percussion. The zone of imagination comprising upper Mars, Moon and Mercury* mounts is excellently developed. The finger of Mercury is long, straight, evenly set on the palm and conically shaped and denotes literary ability of a very high order.

Look at the deeply marked line of Sun which rises from the line of Life and ascending the palm to the mount of Sun terminates in a trident, one fork of which goes up straight, the second inclines towards Mercury and the third bends towards Saturn. The combination of all these marks and lines made him a poet-philosopher and a painter. He was also a dramatist and novelist. His poetical works made him internationally famous and he is regarded as the greatest poet of India since the great Kalidasa.

fig. 44. A temple.

C Line of Sun triple forked. F Line of Heart triple forked. E & D Signs of fish with heads turned upward and downward.






Line of Head triple forked.

GH Line of Fate from the wrist to Mercury.

DF Branch from Fate line to Saturn.

R Canopy. Double line of Head.

Other marks of greatness and fame are the following: (i) The sign of the temple formed by a square attached with a cross and joined by a hair line giving it the shape of a temple. This is on the Jupiter mount (A).

(ii) A small canopy formed by a line of success rising from the Life line and merging in the second line of Head .

(iii) Three long Tines running up the palm: (1) Line of Fate bifurcated, one branch going to Mercury and the other to Saturn. (2) Line of Sun with a trident.

More than three such lines according to the Hindu school are found on the hands of a prince. He belonged to an ancient princely family of Bengal, and as long as he lived he looked and lived like a prince.

The marked and colourful personality is illustrated by his possessing the unusual line of Fate rising from the rascette and ascending up the hand and branching off into two or three lines running to the mounts of Mercury and Saturn and a branch from the second named line running to the mount of Sun where & is merged in the Sun line. This Fate line as also the Sun line, Head line and Heart line are branched. This, as already explained elsewhere, resolves into a line of tree which is considered a mark of greatness and goodness.

The student should note here that such a line of Fate denotes noble ancestry.

There is another mark of temple on the lower mount of Venus.

Another unusual sign is the three fish seen on his hand. Attention of the reader is drawn to marks D, E. He should note that one fish is made of the line of Life, line of Sun and line of Fate with its mouth turned upward. The line of Fate running to Saturn and the Sun line are so formed that they form another fish with its mouth coinciding with the one referred to already. The third fish is formed by the lines of Head and Fate to Saturn.

The mark of fish has been praised by Hindu writers as a sign of learning, greatness and charity. When the sign of fish is found with the head upward, it indicates that the possessor would be honoured and oenefited early, but when it is seen with its head pointing to the wrist, honours and fruits of labour come to a person in old age. Both the kinds of fish can be seen on this famous hand. He was born in a rich and famous family and had all the advantages of birth. In his old age as he crossed the 52nd year he received public honours and recognition, and wherever he went he was received with great splendour. Even before his death the Oxford University awarded him the degree of Doctor of Literature but in his case it was

conferred in absentia by discarding ancient traditions. This also denotes that the person had Jupiter strong in his horoscope arid hand. It is said that in his horoscope he had the sign of pisces rising with Jupiter and Moon associated therein, This conjunction of planets has been regarded by astrologers as a very auspicious sign which even a god can hardly hope to possess.

Look at the strong line of Life reinforced by a line of Mars, a full and strong mount of Venus and a strong and well developed mount of Jupiter. Note also the signs of temple on these mounts. When these two mounts are strongly developed, they denote that the possessor would be an amazing personality occupying the highest social pqsition and winning glorious fame. He lived to an old age and kept fit right up" to [lie end.

Look at the point on the line of Life from where the line of Sun rises. This was his 52nd year, when in 1913 he was awarded the Nobel prize for literature, and in 1914 the British Government's award of a title. From that year onwards right up to 1942 when he passed away, he won many international triumphs interpreting Indian idealism to the West.

fig. 45.

1. Triangle on Jupiter.

2, Line of He?d worth noting.

The Hand of an Indian Statesman and one-time Prime Minister of a State (See Fig. 45)






Three up-going lines, the mark of a Prince.

Mark of a fish.

Line of Fate, inclined to Jupiter.

Line of Sun with a trident.

The imprint from which it has been taken was rather blurred and the signs and marks were not clearly seen. The lines and signs shown in the imprint were found out with the help of a strong magnifying glass and will interest the student on account of the following:

The hand is evenly developed and broad, with the fingers set in a line. The thumb denotes strength of will and strong reasoning powers. The finger and mount of Mercury are very strongly developed, indicative of a person who would rise very high m the world. This person is a great administrator and as Diwan of two States he won great success and fame. The attainment of high office and social position is indicated by the strength of the mounts of Jupiter (social position and high administrative job) and of Venus (advancement in material sphere). The development of the plain of Mars and the mounts of Mercury and Moon denote qualities of drive, dash and push as also strong imaginative faculties. It is a

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