fact that he distinguished himself as a minister by administrative and imaginative talents of a very high order, On his hand may be seen three Urclh Rekhas which as already stated are the marks of a prince. The mark of trident on his line of Sun is a sign of greatness and of honours and titles.

The line of Head is remarkable for its length, for it starts from the mount of Jupiter where it is seen associated with a triangle. Such a line denotes great organizing and administrative genius with a wealth of imagination.

Note the mark of fish at the wrist. Note the line of Fate ending towards Jupiter. This is the sign of a person who is destined to occupy a position of responsibility and power. This has come out to be true in the case of this person wno has risen to the highest post open to an Indian in a native Indian State, This fact is also verified by the presence of the mark of tree which can be identified and located since lines are seen branching off. This kind of line denotes that many people would look up to him for help.

The Hand of an Educationist and Adviser To Government

of Bombay (See Fig. 46)

The hand of this person will interest the reader because of his rise to the responsible position of an Education Minister in the Rampur State and later on as Educational Adviser to the Government of Bombay after filling posts of importance like Directorship of Education, Kashmir, and Principalship, Training College for Teachers, Aligarh. He was associated with the drawing up of the famous Wardha Scheme of education, The following points are worth noting:

The hand is broad and balanced, with well-developed fingers which are set on a line with the palm, a sign of a fortu-



Fig. 46.






Fig. 47

nate and successful person. The thumb is strong, well-shaped and low-set with an island in the centre. It indicates strong will-power and uncommon intelligence and reasoning powers. The island, according to the Indian school, is the mark of a person who proves an honour to his family and people and becomes socially high-placed and rich. The base of the thumb has small islands denoting that the possessor would be blessed with sons. The finger of Mercury is straight, long and well-set, with the first phalange longer than the other two, denoting that the possessor is endowed with literary talents of a hign order. It also shows that the person is an excellent speaker and has a sweet and moving voice competent to sway audiences. The fingers appear to be knotty, with the first knot cleaily developed—the sign of an author. It is a fact that he is an orator and an author. All the mounts on his hand are harmoniously developed, indicative of a combination of the qualities of head and heart which have made him so successful. Look at the creative curve and developed mount of Moon—a mark of brilliant imagination.

Look at the fine lines rising from the upper line of Head and the line of Life at the commencement, denoting early scholastic success. He had a brilliant school and college career, winning scholarships in school and standing first in the University in B.A. This outstanding success as student is explained by his possessing a double line of Head, a mark of unusual mental ability. This is also the mark of a fortunate man of the world. The upper line of Head is straight and rises from the mount of Jupiter showing that the possessor would have great ambition, and since it does not touch the line of Life, it shows that the person would enter public life, and would have the courage and ability to express himself before large audiences. This line also indicates good organising and administrative talents. The second line of Head makes him cautious, sensitive and diffident; but shows that he would have fine imaginative powers. The upper line of Head enables him to control his imagination and the strength of will denoted by the thumb does not allow the imagination to run riot.

Look at the lines of Fate, one of which rises from the line of Life and ascends to the mount of Jupiter, a mark that he would make a prominent career by the dint of his ability. The second rises from the line of Head and goes up to the mount of Saturn where it is associated with two Branches, one running towards the first finger and the other towards the mount of Sun. This is also the sign of brilliant success attained through mental ability. There are two small lines running on both sides of the line of Fate. The first line of Fate is branched, thus forming a line of Tree. Look at the line of Sun, rising from the Life line and ascending to the mount of Sun. From the line of Head, it becomes double, and on the mount of Sun may be seen three lines running parallel. This is the mark of a person who rises







to the top of his profession. This has come true in this case, as he has risen from a lecturer in a college to an education minister in an Indian State.

The lines of Fate and Sun denote that right from the 25th year, success began to be achieved by him, and as the years advanced success became more and more marked, till by the time he attained the age of 32, he had begun to come into the limelight. After the 35th year, as the hand indicates, success in life became ail the more brilliant till he rose to be the Director of Education, where he gave proof of his talents as an organiser and administrator by giving practical shape to the War-dha Scheme of education. The 42nd year is another successful year. The line of Health on his hand is threatening as it approaches the line of Life. The possessor is likely to face an overstrained nervous system.

The beautiful first bracelet is another mark of good fortune on his hand.

Clear islands on the base of the thumb denote that he would have sons, one of whom would pursue a prominent career.

The line of Heart and mount of Venus denote a very high ideal of affection, friendship and honour.

Two triangles on the mount of Jupiter denote unusual success as an administrator. He has also made a name as an author and orator. This mark also denotes that he is likely to be appointed to represent the Government outside India.

The Hand of a Sanskrit Scholar (See Fig. 47)

The hand of this scholar has the following signs and marks denoting a remarkably successful career. He was a Sanskrit scholar of repute and occupied the high position of a University vice-Chancellor.

Hie hand is broad, with the mounts of Jupiter, Saturn, Sun and Mercury very well developed. The zone of imagination denoted by the mounts of Mercury, upper Mars and Moon is clearly in evidence, and shows that the Pandit had strong imagination with scholarly attainments, and that is why the degree of Doctor of Literature was conferred upon him. Note three straight lines on the inside of all the three fingers of Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury, an indication of a successful career. The fingers are evenly set on the palm, a mark of a fortunate and

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