successful person. The finger of mercury and its mount are strongly developed, a mark of a successful career.

Look at the mount of Jupiter running to which may be seen several lines from the lines of Life and Head. These are the lines of Jupiter and denote that he would be successful in his ambitions. See the star on the mount of Jupiter, the mark of attainment of a high social position and success. There is a trident on Jupiter pointing to the same fact.

There is a double line of Life denoting good health and long age.

The star on the second phalange of the thumb is a sign of a prosperous career, and the prominent island at the base of the thumb denotes that he would have sons, one of whom at least would have a very prominent career. This has come true; as his son has risen to be the vice-Chancellor of a certain University.

The line of Fate rises away from the Life line from the wrist, runs unfaltering to its own mount, and is triple forked at the end, one branch going to Jupiter, This is the mark of a strong personality and a successful and brilliant career. There is another line of Fate which appears to start from the first line of Fate, arid runs towards the mount of Saturn.

There are two lines of Sun, one from the mount of Moon to Sun and the other from the mount of Upper Mars to the same place.

The line of Fate sends several branches to the mount of Sun, one at the age of 35 from a point on the line of Head, another from the point on the line of Heart at about 50? and the third at 55. All these lines indicate brilliant success.

The line of Sun triple forked at the termination is also a mark of brilliant success in life. The line of Heart is triple

fig. 48.


2.      3. 4. 5.

Line of Sun with a trident.

Marks of fish.

Island in the centre of the thumb.

Line of Head well-traced.

Line of Fate with branches towards Jupiter.







forked—a mark of great good fortune. The line of Head rises from the mount of Jupiter touching the Life line, runs to the other side of the hand, is deeply traced and becomes forked, one branch running to the mental mount of Mars and the other inclined to the mount of Moon. This line endowed him with a clear intellect and unusual mental faculties.

There is the mark of a triangle on Mercury, a sign of an intellectually clever person.

Note the sign of a fish inside the Life line, indicative of great learning and deep scholarship.

Vertical lines on the mount of Moon denote a clear glow-ins: imagination with intuitive faculties of a high order.

A line from the mount of Moon may be seen rising and running to the Fate line and merging therein. This is the mark showing that at the age of 27 the Pandit must have been pushed up and helped by a person unconnected with his family circle. This is also the mark of a person who has a magnetic personality, for whom it is very easy to become a public favourite. The Hand of a one-time Deputy President of the Legislature

(See Fig. 48)

The hand of this lady will interest the reader because of the following marks and lines.

The line of Sun is marked with a trident, and is seen

rising from the Life line and ascending to the Sun mount. As

already stated this is a most splendid and fortunate sign to

possess. Indian writers state that it shows that the possessor

would be famous and devoted to religion. This is also a sign

of wealth (see No. 1 in the print).

The sign of fish (No, 2) on a woman's hand, indicates

good fortune arid the fortunate possessor is supposed to have

everything, sons, grandsons, wealth; and to enjoy married life

for a long time.

The island iir the centre of the thumb is also a good

sign to have.

The line of Head is very well marked on the hand,

and indicates a clever person.

The line of Fate is well marked and long and is in

clined towards Jupiter which is the sign of a person who holds

a high post under the government.

The Hand of a Famous Surgeon of Delhi, who Was Shot During the September 1947 Disturbances (See Fig. 49)

The hand of this Doctor is here included as it has the sign and marks which illustrate the well-merited celebrity.

The hand is harmoniously developed, with all the mounts well placed and marked. The fingers are of medium size, with cushions at the tips. The hand is fairly broad. Look at the line of Head which is deep, evenly traced and beautifully sloping. The mount of Mercury appears marked with upright lines. The thumb is well-shaped and long.

Fig. 49.



The tips of the fingers appear spatulate shaped, giving him energy and quickness. All these marks and signs indicate a surgeon.

Look at the line of Fate rising from the wrist and ending at the Saturn mount. It is also branched and indicates a person of remarkable personality. Another mark worth noting is the line of Sun rising from the Life line and terminating on its own mount. This shows that the fortunate possessor will rise to the top of his profession; and it is a fact the late Doctor became famous all over Northern India for his remarkable and inimitable surgical skill and art.

Look at

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