another unusual sign in his hand. It is the mark of Shivalay or temple marked (B) in the figure. This is the sign of extraordinary success and good fortune.

Look at the line of Heart marked with a trident, two forks of which make the temple.






fig. 49B,

Line of Sun.


Upright lines on Mercury showing aptitude for medical studies,

Line of Fate.

Line of Heart marked with a trident.

cut short by bullets.

Look at three lines of Sun, one long (A) and the other two shorter, both ending on the Sun mount. This is the mark of a rich and famous person.

Star on Life line showing an accident to him when his life was




Look at the Star (G) on the Life line. This indicates that the life would be cut short at the height of his fame (see also the line of Sun rising from the same point) through an unnatural and violent end. The famous surgeon was shot dead during the September communal riots of 1947 at Delhi.

The Hand of a Judge in the Punjab Provincial Civil Service

(See Fig. 50.)

This is the hand of a very honest and clear headed judicial officer. The features of the hand which would interest the student are his lines of Head. Heart and Fate, All these lines denote a person of sensitive and thoughtful disposition, endowed with clear logical and reasoning powers, backed by an intellectual ability of a very high order. The beautiful bend of the Head line at the termination denotes imaginative powers coupled, with practicality. The marks of an honest and good judge are his long straight fingers, strong and well shaped thumb, beautiful line of Heart rising low on the mount of Jupiter, and strong mounts of Jupiter and Mercury.

The line of Fate rising from the wrist forms a sign of fish with the Life line, ascends unfaltering up the hand, and as it goes up the Head line and crosses the Heart line it becomes forked, one branch bending on to Jupiter and the other running to Saturn, This line indicates a prominent career and there is every likelihood of the gentleman occupying a very high judicial post.

The mark of the fish at the wrist denotes that the gentleman is learned, charitably disposed and is sweet and. gentle by nature.

The line of Life though clearly marked is connected with a strongly marked line of Health which runs parallel to it, indicating a weak digestive system. Besides nervous tension would be on the increase as he over-steps the 35th year.

Look at the two beautiful triangles, one made by the lines of Fate, Health and Head and the other by those of Head, Life and Fate.

The first denotes interest in occult studies, and shows that the gentleman would acquire spiritual knowledge and would also be endowed with second sight and prophetic vision.

The good space between the lines of Head and Heart is the mark of a person who has breadth of mental outlook and evenness of temperament.

He started his career as a pleader, and at the age of 29 competed for a judicial post under government, came out successful and was appointed Sub-Judge. See the line of Success rising from the Life line and ascending to the Head line, and a branch from the line of Fate hung up and above the line of Head. The second line denotes another success in his career and refers to a judicial training, after which he was appointed as Commercial Sub-Judge. Look at another branch rising from






Fig. 51.



the line of Fate and running towards the mount of Sun. This was at the age of 42.

At the age of 49 there is another chance of an elevation, See a branch from the Fate line to the mount of Sun*

After the 56th year, there is every likelihood of something prominent and high being done by the gentleman. Look at the line of Fate that has branched off, one branch of which may be seen running to the mount of Jupiter.

Look at the line on the Jupiter mount resembling Solomon's ring. This mark indicates that the possessor of this line would be inclined towards renunciation at the close of his career, This conclusion is supported by the presence of two triangles in the centre of the palm.

Look at the influence line rising from the line of Life, This is the line denoting his wife. It starts at the age of 16 and refers to early marriage in life. As it proceeds further it sweeps away from the line of Life on the mount of Venus, denoting that as the age of the judge advances, his wife would gradually fade out of his Me and the relations between them would be only friendly.

The Right Hand of the Present Author (See Fig. 51.)

This is given with a view to explain to the student some important points connected with this study. Important events marked on the hand will be illustrated by the indications provided by the date of birth so that the reader might learn how to use the birth date to read, verify and accurately fix dates of events on the hand.

The date on wiu'ch the author was born is 28-10-1897 at 7-30 P.M. As explained in the chapter on time and dates on the hand, the figures of the birth date if added bring the total to nine which should be considered as his destiny number. The student will note how this number and its harmonics 3 and 6 figured in his Me as shown elsewhere.

Now we turn to an interpretation of the lines, signs and •narks. The author's right hand is smaller than the left hand. This rare discrepancy indicates that the possessor would be moved by a philosophic and spiritual outlook on life, and hence it is reasonable to conclude that material prosperity would not come to him. In the present case this fact has come true, as the author resigned a government post, promising a very bright and prosperous career, to take up the teaching profession which is one of the poorest paid in India, although in ancient times ieachers were always placed above want.

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