The hand under study is a small one with knotty and philosophic fingers. The dominant mount and finger on the hand is that of Jupiter. This finger may be seen standing away, with all the other fingers attracted to it. Look at the mount of Jupiter on which may be seen ascending lines from the line of Life, a square and a small trident attached to the clear-cut and deeply







traced line of Heart which runs to the other side of the hand and ends under Mercury with a fork. These lines and signs denote that the possessor is strongly Jupiterian with a high sense of duty and a lofty ideal of affection. He has a strong love of rule and the first phalange of the Jupiter finger being longest with a pointed tip denotes love of religious studies; but his view of religion is not indicated to be dogmatic. The square on the mount denotes versatility and a wide interest in various and unusual fields of knowledge. Besides, he has an honourable pride. Vanity and haughtiness are not part of his nature, as the square does not show these unfavourable mental tendencies.

Look at the line of Head which rises from the mount of Jupiter, but in its course through the palm instead of running straight to the other side, runs down to the lower mount of Mars and then turns up to cut through the line of Life and sweep through the palm and end at the upper portion of the mount of Moon in a fork with one of its ends turned up and reaching the mental mount of Mars. This line is beautifully curved, thin and deeply traced. The rising and terminating points of the line are excellent, and but for its connection with the lower mount of Mars it would have fulfilled its promises and the author would have been able to occupy high positions and become rich. People with such a mark have not been able to adjust themselves to their environments, and make use of people and circumstances for their own personal gains, especially in those cases where the finger of Mercury is low set. The malignant influence of the planet Mars overshadows their mentality and produces a hot head which spoils prospects of material success. On the hand of the author, the line of Head has a malignant influence of Mars and the finger of Mercury is also low-set.

Note also a definite slope seen in the palm towards the end of the Mercury mount denoting a deficient development of Mer-curian qualities so necessary for success in life. The finger oi Mercury being low-set, the author failed to use people and circumstances to his advantage.

His line of Head, denoting sensitiveness, over-cautiousness, hot temper and an element of diffidence, has stood in the way of his going up socially and materially, with the result that a life of comparative obscurity and poverty has so far been led.

Look at the knotty fingers. The first knot is fairly developed. This is the mark of an author. The author has always been moved to write books. He has done a little of research work in history and written a small book on the history of Hindu Rohillas, a subject upon which historians have so far thrown very little light.

Look at the unusual mark of two mystic crosses, one under the first finger and the other lower clown between the lines of Heart and Head. Also look at the clear and big triangle formed by the lines of Head, Fate and Health. These marks denote

that the author would be interested in all occult sciences like astrology and palmistry. The big triangle according to the Hindu school is a sign found on the hands of persons who lead a life of purity, unselfishness and renunciation, and who are endowed with the faculty of going deep into the basic principles of religion and philosophy. They have also a prophetic vision, talk of the future correctly, also possess intuitive and spiritual'insight. It is a fact that the author possesses in a fair measure a faculty of looking into the future and his reading of thousands of hands has been found to be accurate. Besides, according to Cheiro, a person born between the 21st October and 20th of November, makes a wonderful astrologer and physician. Doctors born under this sign have been found to have a healing touch. The author also became interested in medicine and studied the science of Homoeopathy with great attention. He achieved great success in treating patients free of charge. The author has always been moved by a philanthropic spirit, and this is indicated by his line of Heart, low-set finger of Mercury and thin and pinched bases of fingers, as also the low-set supple thumb shaped like the back of a wasp.

Look at the long first phalange of the conic tipped Mercury finger. These marks denote great oratorical powers, enough to enable a person to make a forceful speech. If these marks are read with the type of line of Head found on the hand and the low-set Mercury finger, the indications are that on account of nervousness, overcautiousness and lack of courage and push, the author failed to use his gift of oratory to carve out a public career of great promise, with the result that he has been satisfied with what he could achieve in influencing the career and character of school boys committed to his charge.

If the fingers of the hand are joined, they show gaps. This sign is considered by Hindu writers a mark of poverty. The author though at the head of a flourishing High School has remained comparatively poor, and he has had to battle against monetary difficulties all his life. This fact is also indicated by the low-set finger of Mercury.

Look at the space between the lines of Head and Heart denoting an evenness or temper, broadness of mind and sweetness and gentleness of disposition.

Look at the mount of Sun inclined towards Saturn which is strong. The brightness and cheerfulness of a position denoted by the mount of Apollo tones down the seriousness and melancholic disposition betrayed by Saturn, which again is bent towards Jupiter, inclining towards a life influenced by religion and society. Owing to the influence of Saturn the author has been obsessed with a strong desire to lead the life of a recluse. But owing to the strong influence of Apollo and Jupiter, he has not been able to extricate himself from social and family bonds. A small line of renunciation on the mount of Jupiter, and the big triangle formed by the lines of Fate, Head and Health

S 14







already referred to denote that the idea of following a path of sannyas may ultimately come to be materialized.

Examine the mount of Venus and the line of Heart which denote a person of loving disposition. The straight and long line of Heart denotes a type or affection almost feminine in its character. Besides, the mount of Venus has its development bent towards the side of thumb indicating strength and purity of character. The author has seldom allowed himself to be swayed by the baser instincts and passions of human nature. Moreover, these are the marks of trueness of heart and constancy of affection.

Lower down on the mount of Venus will be seen squares which denote that the possessor will live like a prisoner. But imprisonment in his case is self-imposed. He does not feel like going out, and would like to be tied down to one place, and nothing in the world would tempt him to move out from the place he has adopted as his residence. Such marks of squares nave been found on the hands of nuns who give up the world and retire into a convent. It is surprising that these

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