squares are absent on his left palm. When tnese are found on the left hand, they indicate that the person would be jailed. The author avoided taking part in political activities and hence did not go to jail.

Look at the mental mount of Mars and Moon. The former is fairly strong denoting that the author is a mental fighter and has the qualities of resignation to the wiU of God and fortitude. Cross lines on this mount denote a delicacy of throat. It is a fact that the author suffered from an inflammation of the tonsils right up to his 14th year and after the 35th year suffered from quinsy and had his left tonsil operated upon.

The lower mount of Moon has a jumole of criss-cross lines showing weakness of the bladder.

Look at the upper part of the Moon mount denoting an inflammation of the intestines. The line of Health is also threatening and may be seen" attacking the line of Life. These two signs if read together indicate a digestive disorder, and it is a fact that the author has been suffering from the 42nd year onward. The thinness and shadowy character of the Life line is worth noting. It indicates weak vitality and disorder of the digestive system. During the last 8 years the author has been keeping indifferent health and he had to pass through several serious illnesses, from which he miraculously recovered. In this connection the attention of the student is drawn to the conjunction of the lines of Fate and Life from which the former takes its rise, which is significant. It appears that in spite of ill-health the author has so far been living on fate alone.

Look at the line of Heart from which under a point between the first and second fingers, you will find a small line curving downward forming a mystic cross with another line. Interpreted, this line denotes a disappointment in affections. The

author had an affair of the heart at the age of 22 which proved a failure. The memory of the event is still fresh. The fact of the matter is that the affair was purely from his side. His good sense saved him from the crisis in his career, and kept up his reputation as an honourable gentleman. In this connection, attention is also drawn to the excellence of the Heart line denoting an idealistic type of affection, duty and patriotism.

Look at a downward going line rising from the line of Heart from a point where it is crossed by the Fate line. This line is long and reaches the lower mount of Mars. It relates to some fact which shocked his love nature and inclined him to a new mental outlook on life and stoic indifference to worldly affairs.

Look at a small triangle below the line of Heart where the line of Health touches it. This is the sign that the possessor would lay out gardens and hold agricultural and house property through nis own earnings. In the case of the author it refers to a small but commodious house which was created by the author when he was forty. Look at the island in the centre of the thumb. This is considered a good sign, and denotes an attainment of wealth, happiness and reputation. Besides, it also shows that the person would be a scholar and would be an honour to the family he belongs. The author though not rich materially and financially has acquired the riches of mental estates and contentment.

Look at a big island in the family line at the base or joint of the thumb. This sign invariably denotes that the possessor would be blessed with a son or sons. The author has a son. Look at the lines of worry taking their rise from this sign and running towards the Life line and centre of the palm. The worries here indicated refer to the career of his son which has been the cause of no small worry to him.

Let us row read the main events of his career.

Look at the chained lines of Life and Head tied up together and running far into the hand. This shows a timorous disposition, lack of self-confidence, an inferiority complex and awkwardness of manner. These defects greatly over-shadowed the life of the author right up to the 24th year, and even after darkened his career. Look at the ascending lines reaching tie mount of Jupiter.

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