The first towards the side of the hand refers to a success in school when he won a scholarship. Another line of success is seen at the 17th year, when he passed his Matriculation Examination. Look at the line of influence rising from the Life line and running to the mount of Venus. This refers to his marriage at the early age of 17. Further on at the 21st year there is another line to the same mount. This was the year when he took his B.A. degree and started his career in a Government Department at Delhi.

Look at the lines o? Fate and Life running as one line from the wrist upward. The Life line is called the line of father or Gotra Rekha by the Hindu palmists. When the lines of Fate






Examination in which he stood first and won a medal. Fix time the possessor would be sacrificed to the interests of his family and would not be able to pursue an independent career. In similar cases I have found that the possessors were sat upon by their family members and failed to win an appreciation of the career adopted. In the case of the author, he was under the influence of his father right up to his death in 1929, so that up to that time he looked upon him as his friend and philosopher. His career being thus strongly influenced, he failed to have an independent outlook on life.

Look at a line rising from the line of Life at the 25th year and ascending to the mount of Saturn. This refers to his career as a teacher which started at this age.

Examine the influence line rising from the Life line and running on to the mount of Venus. This refers to his marriage at 17. Note also the Life line till it gets dimmer and dimmer until the 43rd year, when it becomes shadowy. These marks refer not to the passing away of the marriage partner, but to the fact of an end of sexual life in the marital state. A similar sign has been read by me on several hands, when consequent on either physical disability of either of the two or both or circumstances over which they had no control, the marriage partners ceased to live as husband and wife, although they remained on very good terms and continued as best of friends.

Look at the line of opposition and worry from the side of the thumb crossing the Life and Fate lines, attacking even the line of Head and crossing over to touch the Health line. Read the 31st year at the Fate line, when owing to oppositions he was led to resign service in a Semi-Government High School which was taken over by the Government the following year. If he had not done this, ne would have risen far higher in Government Service from a material standpoint.

This line of worry relates to another important event in his life. It starts from an influence line, which may be seen running behind the influence line representing his wife already referred to, and refers to his father who had great influence over his life. Its being cut by the worry line at a place where it is seen thinner and shadowy denotes the death of his father. As already stated above, it touches the Health line and even attacks the Heart line. Rightly interpreted, such a sign indicates that the worry represented would not only give a shock to the brain and heart, but would also go to weaken health and disturb the calm and smooth course of the life. In the case of the author, the event of his father's death greatly affected his health which began to deteriorate. As a matter of fact, the undermining of his nervous system started at this time.

Look at a small line rising from the Life line and ascending the Head line. This denotes a good success. In the present case it refers to the author's brilliant success in the M.A.

Examination in which he stood first and won a medal. Fix time on the Life line as 29th year.


Look at the second line of Fate rising a little below the line of worry or opposition referred to. This refers to his favourite hobby of practising palmistry, which originated in a rather rprising way. In 1928 after his resignation from Semi-Govern-

-*' _ i * ,. % i

ment education service he tried to secure a well paid and decent service in some other departments of the Punjab Government. In this he was helped by a relative of his, Prof. R. S. Lahary of Delhi, who accompanied him to Lahore and recommended him to the then Finance Member of the Punjab Government. The trip proved a failure, but greatly influenced his career in that it created in him an interest in a hobby, a love of which has been on the increase ever since. It happened th is. When a Veterinary College Professor of Lahore came to know that Prof. Lahary was .a wonderful Palmist, he requested him to read his hand and those of some of his very dear friends. Prof. Lahary cheerfully accepted the request, and gave proof of his remarkable gifts of reading the destiny of a person in so surprising a manner that the author who had a thorough disbelief in astrology and palmistry was simply wonder-struck and his deep seated prejudice against palmistry was shaken to its foundations.

On his return from Lahore the author calmly thought over the question of taking up the study of reading human hands, and ultimately decided to start the hobby. He read with great enthusiasm the standard works on the subject. In the beginning it appeared as if the study would not lead him far; out faitn and persistence helped him to surmount difficulties and obtain mastery of the art.

During last 18 years he has had a chance of reading thousands of hands which enabled him to gain an insignt into human nature not otherwise possible. It has become an all-absorbing passion of his life, and he sometimes feels like turning into a professional palmist, but the teacher in him is too strong to allow this desire to materialize.

The present attempt to write a book on Palmistry is proof of his deep and abiding interest in the subject. In this connection the attention or the student is drawn to the second line of Fate which becomes deeper and bolder as it runs up the hand. A branch from this line shoots towards the Sun mount where it gets merged in another line resembling a bow, from where they together ascend to the base of the third finger. Read these lines along with two mystic crosses between the lines of Head and Heart as also the big triangle formed by the Head, Health and Fate lines. All these marks and signs refer to his gifts and powers as a hand reader.

Look at the mark of fish one at the wrist and the other formed above the line of Heart by the second line of Fate and a branch from it to the Sun mount. When the mark






of fish is seen with its head pointing towards the wrist, it is considered by Hindu writers as denoting that success in life would come to the possessor in old age. This mark of fish, as also the island in the thumb and the line of scholarship or Vidya seen under the third finger where it is thick, indicates t? * same.

Look at

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