two small triple forks, one attached to the line of Heart and the other on the line of Head at its termination. The former is considered a sign of good fortune which in the case of the author has appeared in the shape of wealth of mental estates. The secona triple fork relates to his interest in literature and religious philosophy and to some extent in poetry.

Look at the low-set linger of Mercury for unselfishness, the strong and dominant finger and mount of Jupiter for love of rule. The low** mount of Mars is also strong and is regarded by Dr. Wolfe as indicating pedagogic talents. All these marks and siffns denote a teacher of young people, and explains the fact of the author having adopted teaching as his profession after giving up a well-paid job in a Government office at Delhi.

Look at the line of Health, heavily marked and traced, running from a place below the Heart line, crossing the line of Fate and ending on the lower mount of Venus. Note also tJiat it is more deeply marked below the Head line towards the wrist. This line denotes that the constitution would begin to be undermined after the 35th year and nervous strain would be on the increase. A stoical indifference and change in the outlook on life would however enable him to keep fit. The line of Life being weaker denotes digestive and nervous disorders; and proper treatment, diet and rest have so far helped tfje author, and would in future enable him to live on.

In the above connection, the attention of the student is drawn to a small line running parallel to the combined lines of Fate and Life and reinforcing the weak vitality denoted by the Life and Health lines.

On the percussion, between the first bracelet and the line of Heart, and lower down on the mount of Venus may be read lines denoting three brothers and a sister. According to the Hindu School when the Goira or Pitri Rekha or line of Life has branches running to Jupiter or itself rises strong and clear to it, and has cross lines coming towards it from the side of the base of the thumb, it is a mark that the possessor would have brothers and sisters living who would be a cause of worry to him.


The unusual marks on his hand are fish, big and small triangles made by the lines of Head, Health, Fate and Life, and triple forked lines of Heart and Head, as also a triangle formed on the mount of Sun above the Heart tyne. On a longish philosophic hand as possessed by the author they point to wide intel-

lectual interests. Whether these promise celebrity of any kind to him, the future alone can tell.

In the following paragraphs a method of fixing dates of important events by a proper use of the date and time of birth according to the English Calendar is given, and it is hoped that it would be used with advantage.

The hand reader, as already explained in the chapter on time and the hand, should mentally fix years of the past events on the hand and verify them with reference to the indications provided by the date of birth which is 28-10-1897. The figures of the birth date if added brings the number to 9 which is the destiny number. Dr. Unite Cross in his book Psychology pf Fate writes that 9 is a figure of Science, and gives, a distinctly practical streak to its possessors who are very inventive, and are usually found in positions of trust and responsibility. They have abundant tact and good judgment. Further he writes, "the possessors of a nine are apt to become involved in impracticable ambition, humanitarianism and schemes of philanthropy. Such people typify the highest expression of impersonal love. Besides, nine number people rely more on their inventive faculty than on their intellectual ability. Moreover the number nine as a digit of destiny refers to wisdom in life. Its possessors seem to have a wonderful accumulation of knowledge in their possession. Reincamationists say that 9 people are old, knowledgeable souls and are with us in this incarnation for the last time, having completed the cycle of earthly learning."

All the observations regarding the destiny digit of 9 apply in some measure to the life

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