of the author in view of his strong inclination to the intellectual and spiritual rather than to the material and worldly side of existence.

In this connection it would not be out of place to point out that great men with 9 as their destiny number have had the qualities detailed above. As for example, the date of birth of Mahatma Gandhi is 2-10-1869, which it reduced comes to 9, in his case it would be true to say that he may have been with us in human form for the last time, now born, if at all, in some other sphere.

The destiny digit of the author is 9. From the table given below it will be seen that 3 and 6 are its chief harmonics and any of these digits figuring in life refers to an important event in the career. For the edification of the student it is again stated at the expense of repetition that the palm should be read and events located on the lines and there the date of birth should be used to verify the events thus read:

The Table of the Destiny Number and Its Harmonics.

Destiny number Harmonics.

3, 5, 7.

4, 8.

3 1, 5, 7, 6, 9.





4 2, 8.

1, 3, 7.

3, 9.

1, 3, 5.

2, 4.

9 3, 6.

Calculated and verified from the signs and marks on the palm of the author the following years were memorable and associated with important events:

1904 totalled comes to 5: Joined school for the first time.

1908 ,9: Won a scholarship.

1914 ,6: Passed Matric, start of married


1918 1: Graduation and start of career in

Government Offices.

3: Birth of his only son.

4: Resigned Government Service.

1923 6: Appointed as Head Master of a

High School.

1926 ,9: Took his M.A., standing first and

winning a Medal.

1928 ,2: Unfavourable; resigned a semi-

governmental job.

1929 ,3: Three events: (1) Loss of his

youngest son, (2) Death of lather, (3) Joined the Jain High School, Panipat as Head Master on 1-5-1929 which date if totalled comes to 9. He has continued ,to serve this school ever since.

1930 ,4: Inimical number: Health deterio-


1932 6: Marked success as Head Master.

1935 ,9: Marked success as headmaster

and success as palmist.

1936 1: Purchased a house.

1938 ,3: (1) Success as headmaster, (2)

Had an attack of dysentery of a serious nature, (3) Worry regarding the future career of his son.

1944 ,. 9: Serious difference with the Mand-

ging Board of the school which might have resulted in a complete change of career.

1946 ,2: Serious ill health. There appeared

to be a physical breakdown, but he miraculously recovered

Fig. 52






Fig. 53

as if he was singled out by the allwise providence tor some important mission.

From the above the student must have seen that 9 and its chief harmonics 3 and 6 have largely figured in his career. The Hand of a Famous Urdu Poet (See Fig. 52).

The hand of this sweet-tongued Urdu poet famous all over Northern India for his beautiful verses breathing a charm characteristic of the man and his artistic writings included since it -bears signs, marks and lines illustrative of significant points in palmistry. His cultivation of the art of poetry is inborn, and in spite of the heavy demands of the profession during his time, he has been found devoted to it. Let us see what marks indicate him as a poet.

Look at the mount of Venus which is so full aud deve

loped, for music and rhythm. Lower down note two marks of

fish. This is the sign of learning and celebrity. He is a scholar

of Urdu and Persian and deeply read in the literature of both.

The mount of Moon is developed with a creative curve,

the mark of an artist. Note also the line of Fate which starts

from the mount with a small beautiful fork running towards the

upper side of the palm until it reaches the Head line where it

is crossed by a line. But it does not stop there. It mounts on

and on until it reaches the Heart line and cutting across, it goes

up and ends at Saturn. A branch line from the forked Heart

line ends in a fork between the first and second fingers. The

student of this science would at once conclude that a Fate line

as possessed by him makes one a public favourite, arid it is a

fact that he is liked for his inimitable and winning ways and

easily becomes popular in the society and sphere he moves in.

The fact of the Fate line being forked on me mount of Moon

leads one to the conclusion that the gentleman would pursue

some fine art with a lot of creative abilities. The mount of

Moon is well developed to indicate fine imagination.

The line of Heart and the mount of Venus indicate

qualities of sympathy and kindness with lot of romance and

love in his nature, and these have urged him to write beautiful


Look at the line of Head which in his hand rises from

the mount of Jupiter and touching the inner line of Life sweeps

on to the other side of palm in a beautiful curve until it reaches

beyond the middle of the palm from where it ascends towards

the little finger. The Head line, the student would easily note,

shows fine imaginative talents, but the fact of its being turned

towards Mercury mount and the line of Heart indicates that the

possessor would also be moved by material tendencies.

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