The mount of Mercury and its finger are normally

developed to show that the subject would possess sufficient abi

lities to carry out ideas promised by the mounts of Venus and









6. Lastly the fingers are conical and smooth and indicate inspirational and intuitional powers necessary for a poet. If his line of Head had not ended in an upper curve towards Mercury but had terminated towards Moon mount it would have been a magnificent sign, For in that case material and worldly interests would not have taken most of his time and he would have followed his inborn mental poetical tendencies.

Let us note other points on his hand.

The strength of the mounts of Mercury, Sun and Mars indicate a fine sportsman of charming manners.

Look at the two signs of fish present above the line of Heart with heads pointing downward, one under the second and third fingers, and the other made by the line of Sun and a line curving towards the fingers, which branches of? in a fork to the Sun mount and the line on Mercury. Both the marks point to honours and fame coming to a person in old age. There is every likelihood of his leaping to greater fame than hitherto achieved by him, and he may produce some fine work of art worthy of him and the place he belongs to, for Panipat is at once famous for its decisive battles and poets and divines. The Hand of a Care-free All-round Sportsman (See Fig. 53).

1.  Examine the mounts and fingers of Sun and Mercury to read his cheerful spirit, self-control and coolness in face of defeat. Lower and Upper Mars show aggressive and defensive qualities as also a spirit of resignation to take defeat in a sporting spirit. Look at the 2nd phalange of his Saturn finger indicating an interest in outdoor life and activities. He is an all-round sportsman with a lot of grit and persistence to play a losing game in a remarkable way. I have personally seen him winning a game when chances were very remote, through steadiness and courage. All these qualities are made use of efficiently by him because of his having a clearly traced and straight line of Head slightly joined at the commencement with the Life line. The line also indicates a care-free person who takes a sensible view of life. The Head tine being straight indicates a truthful person.

Notice the absence of lines on the Venus mount and cross lines from the side of the thumb to the inside of the palm. This is the mark of a person who does not allow worldly worries to cloud his Me.

The forked line of Heart is the mark of constancy and indicates deep and unfaltering affection towards all. He is a lovable man who sheds happiness around him. He has remarkable qualities of adjustment.

Look at the tines of Fate. One rises from Luna and ends at the Head tine. His career as a teacher started at 24 and ended at 35. After this he obtained a physical education diploma and entered Government Service in the Punjab. Look at the second tine of Fate starting from the Head tine and going

up the hand. His Fate line indicates that he would win popularity. He has always proved popular with his pupils and nas succeeded in infusing enthusiasm among the players in games. Physical instructors of his type would, if appointed in all educational institutions in India, create a real love of games which We Indians lack so much.

The attention of the student is drawn to the absence of strongly marked lines on Venus running parallel to the Life or coming out of it, as also on the Mercury mount. This indicates that he although loving by nature would not allow himself to be deeply moved by any of his three wives who had a chance of entering his life.

Look at the line coming from the Heart line, falling to the Head line and cutting the Fate line at the age of 40. This refers to the death of his second wife.

Look at the islands on the family line. They refer to the fact that he would have sons.

The fewness of tines as found on his hand, along with the indications of a happy, care-free disposition is very rare in this troubled age. He is very likely to lead a happy and contented tife right up to the end. This in itself is a sign of rare good fortune.

The Hand of an Author of International Fame (See Fig. 54)

This is the hand of a scholar and author who has won international fame. Look at the mounts of Sun, Mercury, Upper Mars and Moon which are more developed than the mounts on the opposite side of the hand. The finger of Mercury though low-set is straight and long, indicative of literary ability of a high order. The third and second fingers are of a spatulate shape. The dominance of the zone of imagination and the sub-conscious, represented by the mounts referred to above, indicates extraordinary creative and imaginative talents. The vertical tines on Mercury denote psychological gifts and talents for scientific studies. The straightness, length and shape of the tittle finger is a sign of facility of expression which distinguishes his writings. Look at the thumb which is long and the nail phalange of the fingers which is longer than the other two. This mark endows him with inspirational and intuitional faculties. The finger of Jupiter is conical and its first phalange being long when read with the indications of the strong fingers of Saturn, denotes that the owner would be moved oy religious feelings and would use his imagination sublimated, because of the presence of two marks of temple made by the Fate tine with tines from the mount of Moon merging into it, to go deep into the perennial philosophy and present before the world an exposition of it. He is an idealist. The marks of fish at the wrist, the triangle associated with the tine of Head which is the most animated and strongest tine on his hand and which terminates on the upper mount of Mars denoting thereby that the possessor woulcl, through his intuitional and revolutionary







tone of mind, take an independent view of religious philosophy and would be gifted with discrimination or Viveka or Gyan as it is termed in Hindu Philosophy. He would have been a Gyan Yogi if a triangle had been seen on the mount of Saturn associated with the line of renunciation encircling the mount of Jupiter, as in the case of Swami Vivekandnd and Mahatma Gandhi ji, It is a fact that the owner of this hand has made a comparative study of the principal religions of the world and occupied a chair of Professor of Comparative Religions in one of the Indian Universities.


1.      Fish. 2. Flag. 3. Vertical lines on Mercury showing psychological gifts


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