scientific talents. 4. Temple. 5. Triangle. 6. Trident. The marks of international fame as an author are given below: —

A line from the line of Head to Jupiter associated with

a triangle there assumes the mark of nag, denoting that the

fame would be won through mental and literary ability.

The line of Fate associated with the mark of temple,

ascending the mount of Saturn and inclining towards Jupiter

indicates thereby that the career would be prominent

The line of Sun is seen with a trident.

The mark of fish is the sign of scholarship and confers

on the owner vast acquisition and accumulation of knowledge

and a good and pious religious nature.


Mark of temple on the mount of Moon, coupled with

the strength of Saturn and its finger, denoting mystical and

religious studies, is the sign that the imaginative and intuitional

faculties would be used in the religious sphere and through it

to write books of international fame.

His is the hand of a creative artist with an uncommon

ly active imaginative faculty through which he has been able

to produce glowing images. The finger of Sun is spatulated

and beautifully shaped and the mount marked with a trident

giving him fame as an artist.

The Hand of a Literary Genius Who Has Won International

Fame (See Fig. 55)

This is the hand of a person who had a formal school education for only five years, but made himself one of the most distinguished writers of the age and was awarded the Nobel prize for literature.

Look at the line of Head, and the mount and finger of Mercury which is straight and long, a mark of literary ability, excellence of intellect and devotion to literature. The depth and thinness of the line denotes learning and a hard mental student. By the time he was 12, he had read the writings of many famous authors.

Look at the line of Fate which starts from the wrist away from the Life line and ascends the hand. This is the mark of a person who carves a career for himself

Look at a line from Life line ^ at the age of 15 to Jupiter (see B-B). This was the year when he started his career as a clerk. The next memorable year in his career was the 20th. See another line (C-C) springing from the Life line and ascending to Jupiter. This was the year when he started on his literary career that was destined to bring him a fortune and make his name famous all over the world. Look at the line of Sun (4) rising at that age and a line from Moon touching it. The Moon mount is uncommonly developed, indicating imaginative and creative talents, and a line from it to Success line and forming into a mark of fish is the sign of a creative artist in the field of literature. For nine years from the 20th year onwards this remarkable person struggled with great persistence to fix himeslf up in life. The line of Fate denoting the period up to the 29th year was shadowy, but after this year it was supported and reinforced by another line (5) ascending the Saturn mount. Read this year on the principal line of Fate opposite to the point of its start. From this year onwards success began to come to him. But this was delayed up to the 35th year, after which fortune began to smile upon him.

Look at the finger of Mercury which is lowest and the line of Head which rises from inside the line of Life. The first finger is also low-set. These marks denote that the owner was handicapped in early life by shyness, timidity and self-consciousness,







but by dint of will-power (see the long strong thumb) he overcame these serious defects and became one of the most brilliant speakers and debaters of this age.

fig. 55.



1.  Trident on Jupiter. 2. Trident on Sun. 3, Trident on Mercury. 4. More than three perpendicular lines from wrist upward, 5. Flag. 6. Line of Head triple forked. 7. Line of Intuition. 8. Mercury finger straight, Percussion

toward moon side developed.

At about 42 note the influence line (marked R-R) and the Success line from the Life line to Saturn (5). These signs denote marriage with a rich heiress and a complete change in his life. This marriage proved to be a happy one. Mark the nearness of this line to the Life line. This union lasted for 45 years until his wife's death when he was 87 year old. Look at a line rising from the influence line and ending at Mercury in the

form of a trident (see No. 3). This indicates success after marriage in the literary field. World fame and good fortune are read from the following marks:

There are tridents associated with the line of Heart on

Jupiter, the line of Sun on the Sun mount, and a line to Mer

cury (see 1, 2 and 3). The line of Head is also triple forked,

and its termination on the mount of Mars sending a branch to

the mount of Moon indicates that the owner would have a

revolutionary impulse and through his powerful pen create a

stir in society.

The mark of a tree is the sign of fortune and fame ac

cording to the Indian school. The fortunate owner of the mark

does as much good to his fellow beings as a tree does to those


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