rest under its welcome shade. This line is clearly seen on

his hand as most of the main lines are beautifully branched.

The lines if associated with branches assumes the sign or a tree.

The line of intuition (see 7) gives him the uncommon

faculty of going deep into the realities of life.

There are more than three ascending lines on the hand.

According to the Hindu School, this is the sign of a prince and

a fortunate man. The owner of this hand though uncrowned

holds a position in the literary world which is in no way inferior

to that of a prince.

A line from the line of Head to the Mercury mount

terminates in a triple fork. This is the sign of extraordinary

fame in the field of literature.

The fingers of Sun and Mercury indicate dramatic ta

lents of a high order.

The sign of a flag on Jupiter and Saturn, the mark of

a star on Jupiter,

The owner of this hand, owing to his clear-cut Life line

reinforced by a line of Mars running parallel to it, possesses a

robust and sound constitution and Keeps good health even at

the advanced age of 94.

The lines of his hand denote that he is rich.

The Hand of a Famous Author — (See Fig. 56)-The hand of this famous, writer is inserted 'to illustrate the following marks and signs; —

The fingers are evenly set in the palm, a sign of a men

tally balanced personality' who would achieve magnificent suc

cess in life.

The finger of Mercury is straight with a long nail pha

lange, a sign of literary and mental ability.

There are two lines of Head. One is tied with the line

of Life denoting a nervous, cautious and diffident disposition.

The second rises from the mount of Jupiter and runs straight

and long towards the other side of the hand. This is the mark

of great independence of character and a go-ahead spirit, and

people with the mark drift unconsciously ioto public life. The







owner of this hand won name and fame as a person of uncommon literary ability, wielded a powerful and facile pen and earned intemational celebrity as a writer whose books are read with interest all the world over.


2.  3.


Line of Head.

Second line of Head.

Line of Sun rising from line of Life.

4.  Line of Fate forked on Saturn and branched thus denoting line of tree.

5.  Mystic Cross.

6.  Mark like a bow on Moon mount.

The line of Fate (see No. 4) rises from the wrist and ascends to the mount of Saturn where it is forked. In its course through the palm, it throws branches to the mount of Sun denoting that the owner won unusual celebrity and success in the profession of a palmist and astrologer that he adopted. The line of Fate is associated with a mystic cross (see 5), a mark that he would make palmistry and astrology his profession.

The line of Sun on his hand rises from the line of Life and reaches mount of Sun, a mark that the subject would rise to the top of his profession, and become immensely rich.

The mounts of Mercury, upper Mars and Moon are extraordinarily developed, and there is a creative curve on the per-

cussion. The finger of Mercury is straight and long with the first phalange of the same longer than the other two. These marks denote a strong imagination and literary talents.

There are more than two Urdh Rekhas. The line of Fate is branched (the mark of a tree), denoting a person of high social position who leads a princely life.

There is a line on the mount of Moon like a bow, a sign of uncommon intuitional and occult powers. This is the mark of fame.

There are two triangles, one made by the lines of Fate and Head and a faintly looking line of Health; and the other by the lines of Sun, Heart and Fate. These indicate that the owner would possess intuitional powers, a natural prophetic vision and spiritual insight and would be master of secret sciences.

There is the mark of a spearhead, a mark of fame. The Hand of a Famous Literary Man and Author (See Fig, 57)

This hand of the most famous literary figure of his time and the most widely read humorous writer of all time will interest the reader because of the unusual lines and signs found in his hand. Born in poverty and obscurity this remarkable man rose to be famous and made millions of pounds by writing books.

The hand is evenly balanced. The thumb is well-shaped and strong. The fingers set

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