on a line denote a balance of capacity and good fortune. The Mercury finger, straight and long, shows uncommon literary ability. Note the length of the first phalange of this finger. The fingers are knotted and the first knot, the sign of an author, is noticeable. Another mark of his literary talents is a branch of the line of Head associated svith a triangle on Jupiter. Besides, this fact is supported by a line from the Life line forming into a flag on the same mount (see No. 1). The mark of flag according to the Hindu School denotes immortal fame, won by this author by writing two books which will be read throughout the centuries to come.

On his hands may be seen five marks of fish denoting learning, charity and happiness.

Two lines of Fate on his hand may be seen springing from the mount of Moon, one terminating on Jupiter with a fork and the other on Saturn (see 2). When the Fate line connects the mount of Moon with Jupiter, it is the mark of a person of great personal magnetism who becomes a public favourite and pursues a public career of great brilliance and prominence. Such an association of Moon and Jupiter is considered a fortunate sign. This brilliant man was magnificently successful as a public humorous speaker, and although at the age of 58 (see small lines crossing the line of Sun and the two lines of Fate forming into an island), ran into heavy debt, he refused to declare himself bankrupt and made enough money by delivering public lectures to pay off all his debts.

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fig. 57.

2.      3.

4.      5. 6.

THE HAND OF A FAMOUS LITERARY MAN AND AUTHOR 1. Triangle on Jupiter associated with a line of Jupiter.

Line of Fate running to Jupiter and Saturn cut by two small lines and forming an island.

Line of Sun marked with a trident and accompanied by several small vertical lines on Sun mount and crossed by small lines Five marks of fish. Line of Head forked at the end. Line of Heart forked. 7-8. Conch. 9. Influence Line.

The line of Heart is double and is triple forked on Jupiter a mark of great good fortune and the sign of a millionaire. This

line is faultless and rises on to Jupiter. It is a fact that this man was more fortunate in love than in business.

The line of Head is straight, evenly traced, well-marked and forked at the end (see 5). This line is called by ancient Hindu writers Dhan Rekha or the line of wealth and mother. In this case it is remarkable for its straightness, depth and points of rise and termination, indicative of a famous genius. From its strength and excellence may be inferred that the mother whom it represents must have been a remarkable woman. That this man inherited his splendid gift of humour from his mother is perfectly true.

Look at the line of Sun which rises from the plain of Mars and ends on the mount of Sun with a trident, one fork of which is inclined towards Mercury, the second goes to its own mount and the third is bent towards the second finger. This is the mark of an unusual success attained by a person. Famous universities of England and America conferred upon him honorary degrees.

Look at the wrist where you will find the sign of a conch. This is the mark of a multi-millionaire. It also denotes greatness (see 8).

Look at the line of Life which is reinforced by a second line of Life or Mars running parallel to it. This gave him great and unusual vitality, and he lived up to a ripe age of 76 full of honour and glory.

The early life of this man was hard and was passed in poverty. Note the lines of Fate and Sun starting from the plain of Mars and not from the wrist. He was a self-made man and had schooling for a very short time having left school at the age of 12. By dint of hard work and merit he rose to be one or the greatest literary figures of the world.

Look at the influence line (marked 9). It is cut and stopped by a line of worry from Mars. It represents the death of his father, when he was only 12 years old. It was a memorable year in his career. After this he left school and a change in his career took place. Look at the line of Jupiter rising from this place to Jupiter and associated with a triangle. This created aspirations and ambitions in his mind.

Look at a line marked 10, It rises from the line of Head and gets merged in a triangle on Jupiter, and indicates beginning of mental aspirations and ambitions. This took place at uie age of 15, and was the most important and memorable event in his life. It refers to the fact that a page torn from the life of Joan of Arc, which he chanced to pick up and read, had a wonderful influence on his life; for it awakened in him an interest in all history and laid the foundation of that intellectual life which he lea later on.

Look at the Fate lines forming into an island and the three or four lines on Sun mount crossed by other horizontal lines






and the short second phalange of the Mercury finger. The


resence of more than one line on the Sun mount denotes that esides his principal career as an author, he was drawn to other business schemes, wherein he failed miserably (see the cross lines on lines of Sun and island in the Fate lines). The shortness of the second phalange of the Mercury finger is the sign of deficiency in business ability.

It is a fact that this remarkable man lacked business talents. He was a scholar and man of intellect. Scholars and students are bad business men. He made the mistake of launching business schemes which resulted in huge financial losses, involving him in heavy debt which he paid off by working hard in spite of ill-health. His honesty and courageous and honourable nature are read from the mount of Jupiter, signified by a triangle and the forked line of Heart.

Note that after the 63rd year, right up to his death at the age of 76, he lived well in honour and glory (see that the lines of fate and Sun are clear and the latter is triple forked, a magnificent sign of success).

The Hand of a Famous Journalist (See Fig. 58).

The hand is broad, with all the mounts well-developed, endowing him with all the magnificent qualities of head and heart. The fingers denote quickness of intellect and an excellent capacity to put his ideas into practical shape.

Note that the line of Head rises from the mount of Jupiter, and after touching the Life

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