line runs through the palm in a beautiful curve. After the 35th year it straightens up and reaches the mental mount of Mars. In its course through the palm it is deeply traced and long. The line denotes unusual intelligence and fine intellectual ability. The possessor was a very famous journalist and this fact is further verified by his straight Mercury finger which has a line running through all the phalanges. The mount of Mercury is strong and is the sign of success in the intellectual field. The mark of a trident on Mercury and Sun denotes brilliant success and unusual celebrity attained in public life. He was an effective public speaker and a distinguished editor of an English Daily for a number of years. He took part in public life and ultimately rose to be a Minister of Education in a Province of India.

The line of Heart with a trident at the start is the mark of a person who has a high ideal of duty and affection, ITiis trident is the sign of fortune.

Note the two marks resembling an arrow or spear-head on the mount of Jupiter, showing that the possessor would win success and fame. Look at the mount of Moon with hair lines towards the Fate line denoting an active imagination.

It should be noted that on this hand, all the lines are very fine denoting a greater fund of energy than muscular strength, as also emotionalism which was held in check by the strength



of will denoted by the thumb, and the strong Head line terminating on the Mount of upper Mars showing will and self-control.

The line of Fate rises from the wrist and in its early course is weak but after the 25th year, it ascends deep and clear, sending branches. A second line of Fate, again branched, may also be seen rising from below the line of Head and reaching the Saturn mount.

Look at fine lines rising from the line of Life and going up the palm, indicating efforts made to improve his career. The two lines of Fate indicate his career as a journalist and politician.

Note again a line from the Life line ascending to the mount of Sun where it becomes triple forked. This is the mark of a person who reaches the top of his profession and becomes famous. A branch from the line of Sun to the mount of Mercury indicates success as a speaker and writer.

Branches from the lines of Fate and Head to the mount of Sun indicate magnificent success in his career.

Look at the wrist, where there is a mark of fish, the sign of a learned and good man.

The lines of Fate, Sun, Heart and Life have branches which assume the mark of a tree, a sign found on the hands of people who do immense good to humanity and are fortunate.

There is a small island on the centre of the thumb, a mark denoting that the person would be 'prosperous.

The Hand of a Famous Actress (See Fig. 59)

The hand of this famous actress will interest the reader because of the following unusual signs, lines and marks: —

Trident on Jupiter, a mark of unusual celebrity.

Four ascending lines found on the hand, viz.,

Line of Fate from the wrist to Saturn, unbroken and strong, throwing a branch to the Sun mount (A).  Line of Sun rising from the wrist and reaching the mount of Sun, where it is associated with a star. There is also another star on this line between the lines of Head and Heart, Such a line is rarely seen on a hand and is the mark of bril liant success, fortune and wealth (B).

The third line © reaches the mount of Saturn.

The fourth line (D) reaches the mount of Mercury.

According to the Indian School if more than three lines are

found on the hand, it is the mark of a prince.

This actress at the height of her fame occupied a position in society not inferior in any way to that of a princess. The sign of a flag (No. 3) is another sign worth noting.

There is the mark of a temple, with its base made by mark (5) and sides formed by the lines of Life, Sun, Fate and a line from between the upper Mars and Moon (see No. 3, 4). At the top of this sign is the star.







The line of Head rises from the mount of Jupiter and runs straight to the mount of upper Mars where it ends in a triple fork. Such a clearly traced and straight line is rarely found and is a mark of greatness and dramatic talents, also verified from the straight finger of Mercury.


1.  Trident on Jupiter. 2. Star on line of Sun and Sun mount. 3. Flag. 4. Line of Head triple forked. 5. Temple. 6. Creative curve. 7. Four up-going lines, Fate, Sun, Mercury and from mount of Moon to Saturn.

The mounts of Venus and Jupiter are well developed and denote that the possessor would attain a good social position and would be an amazing personality.

Look at the line of Fate and a branch of it on Saturn, crossed by a small line ®.

This is the sign of heavy misfortune in old age. The Hand of Politician and Administrator (See Fig. 60).

This is the hand of a great administrator, statesman and orator. The student will note that on his hand the finger of

Mercury is very straight and long, so much so that it reaches the nail of the third finger. The mount of Mercury, the place wherefrom success is read is unusually developed. These two marks combined to make the owner possess remarkable talents as an orator and endowed him with the gifts of organization and administration denoted by a straight line of Head.


1.  Double line of Life. 2. More .than three up-going lines. 3. Line of Fate branched. 4. Line of Sun from Life line to Sun mount. 5. Line of Intuition. 6. Line of Head straight with branches to Jupiter. 7. Lotus line or trident on Heart line. 8. Mark of fish. 9. Triangle on Sun.

10. Mark of Capony.

There is a second line of Life or Mars (see No. 1). This denotes great vitality. The line of Life indicates good health. There is no line of health, also a good sign. It is a fact that this person lived to a long age and kept quite fit right up to the end.

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