There are more than three ascending lines on his hand. This shows that he would occupy a high social position equal to a prince. It is true that the owner several times occupied the highest position in the government of his country.

All the main lines of Head, Fate, Heart and Sun have branches. This is the mark of tree, a sure sign of greatness.

The line resembling a bow on the mount of Moon denotes intuitional faculties possessed by the person (see No. 5).

There are marks of triangles on the mount of Mercury and







Sun, On Sun it indicates fame and success in public life and literature. In this case it denotes outstanding success as the head of the government of a progressive state. On Mercury it shows oratorical powers. The owner of this hand was an orator of extraordinary brilliance, and he made a name in this sphere which will not die.

The line of Heart triple forked resembles a lotus, a sign, according to Indian writers, of greatness and attainment of positions of power and responsibility. In his time he was a dominating figure in the politics of his country for over a quarter of century,

Look at the mark of fish on the wrist, a sign of scholarly attainments, He was a brilliant scholar.

Look at the mark of canopy, No, 10 in the illustration. This is the sign of a king, according to the Indian School. This is an unusual sign. In this case it came out to be true since the owner had the temper of a king and kept up the dignity of his office right up to the end.

The Hand of a Famous Judge (See Fig. 81)

The hand of this Judge is inserted as it has some of the marks found on the hands of famous men and women of the world. The student must have grasped the fact that the hands of all successful people of the world who attained high social portion and celebrity in the world are evenly balanced and the mounts are normally and harmoniously developed. The fingers are set on a line with the palm and are straight. The hand under review is broad, with a strong and long thumb.

The line of Head with branches of Jupiter and the sign of canopy associated with it, the line of Fate ascending to the Jupiter mount, the trident on the mount of Jupiter connected with the Heart line, and the line to the mount of Sun with a triple fork arid another mark of canopy formed as shown in No. 1 towards the end of the Heart line under Mercury, denote that the possessor would occupy a high social position and a post of responsibility and power and win fame as a judge. Tnese signs also show that he would be wealthy. He was a peer and rose to be a Chief Judge.

His hand indicates all those qualities which make a learned judge. Look also at the sign of fish on the wrist,

The Hand of a Famous General (See Fig. 62).

The hand of this famous soldier who rose to be a general is inserted to illustrate the marks and signs indicative of great fame and brilliance.

Look at the clear sign of flag on the mount of Sun associated with the line of Sun. This is the mark of unusual and magnificent success attained by a person on whose hand it is seen. The owner of this hand rose to be a general, was knighted and \von the coveted distinction of the Victoria Cross awardea to a solder for exceptional bravery.

His success as a soldier and general is also clear from the line of Fate ascending to the mount of Saturn and turning towards Jupiter. The lucky possessor of such a line wins a nigh social position and occupies a post in which he has the chance of exercising command over thousands of men.

The mark of fish (No. 4) is the sign of a wealthy and successful person.


1.  Canopy. 2. Trident. 3. Line of Sun from Life line to Sun mounl with branches trident and two Parallel lines. 4. Line of Fate ascending

to Jupiter. 5. Fish. 6. Line of Head with branches and associated with


The marks which denote his being a soldier is his line of Head rising from Jupiter and running across the palm to the upper mount of Mars. The line is deeply traced, and is the sign of an ambitious, masterful person who has all the qualities necessary for a born ruler of men and also an organising capacity of an unusual kind. The thumb is beautifully shaped, with the nail phalange long, indicating strength of will. The line of Head forms a beautiful fish with a line from Life to Jupiter. The lower and upper mounts of Mars are strongly developed with a clear triangle on the lower Mount showing presence of mind and courage in face of danger.

All these marks indicate conferment of honours on him. It is a fact that this remarkable soldier was awarded the K.C.B.









Line of Fate ending at the base of Jupiter.

Line of Head rising from Jupiter going down the palm deeply

3.  4.

traced and well-marked. Line of Sun rising from Life line associated with a clear sign

of flag & ending in fork on Sun mount. Fish at the wrist made by lines of Fate, Life and a branch

from Life.

The Hand of Another Famous General (See Fig. 63).

The marks of greatness, brilliant success and achievements on the hand of this general are the followin: —

There are three ascending lines, of which the lines of Fate and Sun are characteristic, the former going to the mount of Jupiter and forming into a triple fork with the line of Heart, and the latter rising from Life line and ascending to the mount of Sun and becoming forked. These lines assume the form of the line of tree.

Two marks of fish at the wrist may be seen, made by

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