lines of Fate and Sun and Life and a branch from the Life line

merging into the Fate line (see No. 1.).

See the trident on Jupiter.

The line of Head or Dhan Rekha (No. 3) has branches

going to Jupiter, is very clearly and deeply traced and ends in

two forks, one going to the upper mount of Mars and the other

descending to the mount of Moon. It is a fact that this remark-

able soldier was not only a brilliant administrator and organiser, but was interested in fine arts like music to which ne tuned in leisure, hours.

(5) According to the Indian school the line of Fate rising from the wrist and ascending to Jupiter, with the mounts of Mars strongly developed and the fine of Head throwing branches to Jupiter, indicates a soldier who would be a masterful personality and rise to be a general.


Fish made by lines of Life, Fate and Sun.

Line of Sun from Life line to Sun mount, a sign of great success.


More than three up-going lines marked A, a sign of great fortune

and social 'position.

Line of Mars—D.

Sign of drowning—4.


The fingers are long and set evenly with the palm indicating a balance of capacity.

There is a line of Mars strengthening the line of Life. On a broad hand it is the mark of a soldier.

The mark of bow is a magnificent sign of success.







The Hand of One of the Greatest General of All Time

(See Fig. 64).

This hand of one of the greatest military commanders of all time is inserted to illustrate some uncommon marks. Look at the mounts of Jupiter, Lower Mars and Venus which are very strong. The finger of Jupiter equals in length the second finger and stands out. It is the sign of boundless ambition. Another extraordinary mark which distinguishes this hand is the thumb which his extraordinary long so that when placed

fig. 64.



Four up-going, lines marked A denoting a Maharaja.

Canopy marked R formed by the line of Head, a branch of the

line of Fate, line of Life, and a line from Mars.

3.  Branches from Fate line to Jupiter and Mercury denoting success as General at the age of 27.

The finger of Jupiter as long as the second finger marked B.

The finger of Mercury long and straight.

Thumb long and strong.

Three rascertes.


by the side of the first finger it would go up its third phalange. This is the mark of a person who is endowed with enormous will power to translate the original and brilliant ideas, denoted by his Head line slightly sloping towards Moon, into practical

shape. This brilliant and remarkable man was not only a great soldier and captain like Caesar or IJannibal but also a talented administrator and statesman who codified the laws of his country.

On the hand under review there are as many as four ascending lines indicating his rise to heights of human greatness and elevation to the supreme dignity or an emperor. The line of Fate is branched, one branch at the age of 27 running at Jupiter, where you may see a star denoting that the fortunate owner would leap into unusual fame and power. In this case it was a great military triumph which made his name ring throughout the world. The other branch runs to Mercury. This denotes brilliance of intellect and mandging ability. The Fate line looks like a line of Tree, and is said to confer upon a person a princely fortune.

If the hand is examined from the side of the thumb you would not fail to notice the mark of canopy so highly spoken of by the Hindus and which decorated the soles of the feet of Lord Krishna. This mark is formed by the lines of Head, a branch from the line of Fate running towards Jupiter, the line of Fate, the Life line and a cross line from Mars to Saturn.

If this cross line from Lower Mars to Saturn had not run beyond the point of contact with the Head line, it would not have resulted in his phenomenal downfall. The sign of canopy is the mark of Raj Yoga or the ascent to the highest ladder of political power, but in this case there is an indication of Ha/--ohung Yoga or the loss of kingdom and dethronement when a line from Mars, the seat of enemies, crosses over to Saturn, the planet that brings about disaster and loss of position.

Look at the line of Fate rising from Venus, denoting the fact of adverse and unfortunate relation with women. His marriage at the age of 27 marked the commencement of his elevation to fame and power; but happiness in the married state did not endure and ultimately resulted in his divorcing his faithful marriage partner.

Look at the rascettes marked with a tree line. It is a sign of brilliant fortune. Look at the line of opposition, marked ® in the illustration, springing from Mars, cutting the Fate and at 46 and running to Saturn. This is the year when he lost a battle which terminated his career.

The straight line of Sun on his hand shows that the rising sign was Scorpio with Jupiter therein. In the tenth house was Sun associated with Mars which was the lord of the rising sun, In the tenth house which had the sign of Leo, Mars and Sun were conjoined.

The Hand of a Famous Poet and Author (See Fig. 65),

Like all scholars, literary men and poets, the mounts of Mercury, upper Mars and Moon on

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