his hand are more developed than the mount of Venus and the opposite side of the palm.







The following signs denote fame on his hand:

There is a trident on the mount of Jupiter associated

with a line rising from the line of Head. This is a mark of

outstanding literary success.

The line of Heart is triple forked. This is a sign of

good fortune.

The lines of Fate, Head and Heart, being branched,

assume the line of Tree, a mark of greatness and good fortune.

The line of Head is triple forked, clearly traced and

rises from Jupiter, the sign of literary talents and a poet.

fig. 65.

THE HAND OF A FAMOUS POET AND AUTHOR 1. Trident on Jupiter. 2. Line of Heart triple forked. 3. Line of Sun with triple forks and branches. 4, Line of Fate forked. 5. Line of Head

triple forked. 6. Flag. 7 Fish.

5/ The marks of flag and fish denote greatness, goodness and fame.

6. Vertical lines on Moon mount indicate imaginative powers of a creative artist.

The Hand of a Successful and Famous Politician and Multi-

Millionaire (See Fig. 66).

This hand of a very rich politician will interest the reader as the palm of a very successful worldly man who made' a huge fortune and occupied a very high position in society and took prominent part in the politics of his country.

The striking features of the hand are:

fig. 66.



1.  Temple. 2. Mounts of Venus and Jupiter developed. 3. Line of Sun from Life line to Sun mount. 4. A line from line of Head to Jupiter. 5. Line of Head straight. 6. Triangle formed by the lines of Head,

Sun and Life.

The hand is broad with all the mounts excellently developed and denotes a person who Would make progress in material affairs (See Venus) and in the social field (look at Jupiter). This great progress and high elevation in the material and social sphere is made certain by the excellence, straightness and depth of the line of Head that rises slightly apart from the Lire line with a branch to Jupiter. The line of Head, called Dhan (wealth) or mother line by ancient Hindu writers, when found on a broad, masterful hand with fingers all set evenly with







the palm and the finger of Mercury straight and long, shows that the possessor would rise to a very great height financially. The success of the possessor is indicated by the line of Fate and Sun, remarkable for their points of rise and termination, the former terminating towards Jupiter and the latter rising from the Life line and ending at the base of the Sun mount.

Look at the mark of a temple at the wrist and another formed on the Venus, marked in the figure. This is the sign of a person who would win success and fame in the material world. The mounts of Venus (denoting material ego) and Jupiter (social ego) are very developed and point to a rise in the social and political field through boundless ambition, organizing capacity and tact in winning the active sympathy of the people about him.

Look at the two triangles marked 6. The lower one is formed by the line of Head, Sun and a branch from the Life line and indicates clearness of intellect and intuitional powers as also constructive talents, all of which brought him success in the world. The second upper one is formed by the line of Fate, Sun and Heart and is trie sign of unusual success through his magnificent and colourful personality.

Look at the line of Sun from the Life line to the mount of Sun. This is the sign of a person who wins magnificent success and ascends to the top ol his profession.

The line of Fate is merged in the line of Heart and turns towards Jupiter. This is the mark of a prominent career. The finger of Mercury is well-set, long and straight.

The hand of this famous scientist has the following marks: — The Hand of a Famous Scientist (See Fig. 67).

The hand is broad, evenly balanced, with all the mounts

developed, thumb strong and well-shaped, and the mount of

Moon excellently developed. Fingers are short indicating a

quick brain.

The line of Head is remarkably well-traced, deep and

forked at the termination. It springs from the Jupiter mount

and without touching the Life line sweeps through the palm.

Through his researches in the field of science the owner of this

hand has won immortal fame, denoted by the marks of temple

and triangle.

Look at a Fate line rising from the line of Head and in its course through the palm turning towards Jupiter; a mark of a prominent career.

On the mount of Jupiter look at the flag, a sign of fame. As it is made by a line from Head, it indicates that fame would be achieved through intellectual and scientific ability. Read this mark with the upright lines on the Mercury mount.

The lines

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