deficient. The line of Head is clearly and evenly marked on the hand indicating intelligence and mental ability.

Look at the mount of Moon where there is a big cross. The man had danger from water. He miraculously escaped death by drowning at the age of 21, 26 and 38. When he was 21 years old, he had entered the river Jumna for a bath, and was carried away by a strong current for a mile, and was saved in a wonderful way. At the age of 38, he fell into a septic tank and by sheer good fortune escaped death.

Look at the line from Venus to Moon. This indicates a craving for drugs.

Look at the two lines of success rising from the line of Life to Jupiter and Saturn indicating outstanding success. The man made a lot of money in a business venture at the age of 21.

At the age of 26, marked on the line of Fate, see a branch of the Fate line going up. At that time he entered government service as an Income Tax Officer.

Look at the Life line marked with a star enclosed in a square. He met with a motor accident. The car he was travelling in got smashed, yet he escaped miraculously. The square






proved a sign of preservation in his case. This happened when he was 35.

Look at the line from Heart to Head cutting the Fate line at the age of 36. This denotes the death of his wife.

Look at the line of influence rising from Life line to Venus denoting marriage, which came off at the age of 26 after the motor crash.

There is 'a star on the mount of Sun. The man would make money and be rich, but he is not likely to attain peace of mind.

The Hand of a Station Master (See Fig. 71).

The hand has few lines and these are well traced and marked. The lines of Life, Head and Heart denote a healthy carefree individual with a very affectionate disposition. The line of Fate is shadowy in the beginning, becomes deeper after the 35th year. Look at it after it moves up the hand above the Head line.

Look at the line of Success rising from the Life line and ascending the hand. Fix a point on the fate line by drawing a staight line from the point of contact to it. This was the 27th year, after which his career began to be better. The line of Sun is not marked. It appears rising from the fate line at about the age of 52 and is merged in the line of Sun which is present on the mount only. This denotes that the person made money at that age. It is a fact that the station master, as a result of the second world war conditions, amassed a few thousand rupees.

Very few cross lines are seen coming from the side of Venus and Mars to the other side of the hand, denoting thereby that the worries of human existence did not trouble him and he did not allow personal considerations and emotions to interfere with the calm and peaceful course of life. He led a life of peace, rare in this disturbed age.

Now we have some illustrations of the events in the lives of persons whose hands I happened to read. They will enable the student to learn to interpret signs and lines and fix time on the palm.

The Hand of a Man (See Fig. 72).

Look at the line (marked 1-2) cut by a cross, from where a line runs to the mount of Saturn (3-4). Line 1-2 denotes the death of a close relative and the second line shows that the person at the age of 26 received property and money.

Look at the influence line rising from the Life Hne at the age of 28. He married then and his married life lasted 14 years. See the star on the influence line, indicating the death of his wife when he was 42. This event is verified oy a line from the Heart to the Head line at 42. Read time on the line of Fate.

Look at the line of Life broken and enclosed by a square. This event is read at the 31st year, when he had a severe illness from which he recovered with difficulty.








Look at the o.Sth year marked with a worry line from the base of the tiniml>. It is islanded and crosses through the hand on the mental mount of Mars, where it becomes mixed up with small lines, indicating that a man of a disgraceful character belonging to his family circle worried him and brought him into disrepute and litigation (see 7-8).

The Hand of a Woman (See Fig. 73).

Look at the line of Life islanded up to the 13th year, after which it becomes stronger and well marked. This shows weak health and delicate childhood up to the 13th year, after which she regains health.

Look at a line of Success at the age of 16 from the Life line to Saturn and Jupiter and a Marriage line clearly marked on Mercury. This indicated marriage to a young man of a prosperous family (see lines AB and AC).

fig. 72. THE HAND OF A MAN

fig. 73. WOMAN'S HAND

Look at the Life line at the 25th year cut in two parts- and a star on the line of Health as it crosses the Head line, the break enclosed by a square. These signs denoted the birth of a child after operation.

Look at line (B) cut by a cross (see E). This denoted the death of a relative when she was 30 years old.

Man's Hand (See Fig. 74).

The hand of this man has the following events marked. At the age of 21, a line becomes merged on the line of Head with a star, the line having a small cross. The sign indicates the death of a woman friend which shocked him. The year of the event is read at the line of Life.

Look at line 3-4 rising from the Life line, indicating marriage at the age of 28. See death cross on the influence line (3-4).

Line 1-2 is the influence of a cousin lasting all through life.







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