Line C-D indicates another marriage at the age of 49 which brought him success and the Fate line towards Sun mount points to the same fact (G-H).

Look at the star on the line of Fate at 58. This shows loss of money. The line of Sun is islanded and starred. Loss of position and disgrace came to the subject through a dishonourable person indicated by an islanded line from the side of the line of Life.

4.  The Hand of a Business Man (See Fig. 75).


This is the hand of business man who received no formal schooling but had a practical mentality from the very beginning. See the line of Head, straight and rising away from line of life. Note lines ascending to Jupiter, denoting ambition and enterprise. Look at the line C-D going towards Jupiter. This shows a great success in a business venture.






! /

Fig. 74 MAN'S HAND


Look at the worry line crossing the Fate line and cutting it at the age of 33. This indicated a great opposition from people outside his family circle and involved a loss of Rs. 40,000. The finger of Mercury is long and denotes that the person used people and circumstances for his personal gain. He had to pay a huge sum to the Government in the shape of income tax which previously by manipulation of accounts he had avoided paying and which on account of the opposition and reports of his partners he was forced to do.

Look at a worry line cutting the Fate line at 35. This showed another financial loss.

Look at the lines of Fate and Sun which are good from the 36th year onwards until at the age of 47 both became islanded. They indicate financial loss and luxurious and profligate ways of life. Beyond the lines are good signs indicating success and prosperity.

5.  The Hand of a Man (See Fig, 76). Look at the lines of Life and Head running together at the commencement. Note a line rising to Jupiter at 19. These marks denote that up to the age of 19 he did not work on his own responsibility and with confidence. At 19 he grew ambitious and began to chalk out a career for himself.


fig. 76. MAN'S HAND

fig. 77. THE HAND OF A MAN

Look at the line of Fate and lines of opposition (2-3) (3-3) and (4-4) crossing at the age of 22, 24 and 26. The person was held back in his career by people who obstructed his path and he was put to worry and monetary loss,

Look at a small line rising from the Life line at 28. It was an attempt to go up; but as the line does not appear to advance beyond the Head line, it indicates that the person could not achieve success because of a mental miscalculation. The fact is that the person was offered a job which was quite good, but as he thought he would be able to get a better one he rejected the offer with the result that a good chance was missed.

The line of Fate is broken at 33. This is another set-back in the career.

From the 33rd up to 35th year he struggled on. Look at the line of Fate stopped at the Head line.




Look at two lines of Fate. One Fate line is inclined to upiter. The man organized two business schemes by dint of is mental ability and was v^ry successful and prosperous.

Note branches from the second line of Fate to Sun at the ages of 44 and 50. These indicate unexpected successes and gains at the ages indicated.

Look at two cross lines from Heart to Head, one at 35 and the other at 43 read on Fate line and Marriage line on Venus cut by death across D. These indicated loss of marriage partner at 35, and a very severe illness of the second wife from which she escaped but became a physical wreck so that sexual connections with her were over. Look at the influence line on Venus marked with a Star enclosed by a square and the line going beyond it. The married life -ran on.

Look at the mount of Moon with a cross. He escaped drowning twice. Double lines of Life are found.

Look at the Heart and Life lines islanded. He had delicacy of heart and eyes lasting from his 47th to 52nd year, after which he recovered and lived to be quite old. At the 67th year his vitality began to grow less; note the line of Life tasselled.

Look at the upright line on the Marriage line and a big island at the base of the thumb. This shows a remarkably successful son.

Mans Hand (See Fig. 77).

The hand of this man had some abnormal lines indicating important events.

Look at the line of Life stopping after the 19th year. It is crossed by an islanded line from lower Mars. The line of Life is seen commencing from the line of Head and ringing the mount of Venus. These marks indicated the following events:

This man was troubled because of a dishonourable person so that he felt insulted. He left the place and started life at 20 under a new name and under entirely different circumstances.

Look at the influence line springing from the Life line at 23 and the Marriage line on the Mercury mount. This denoted that his married life lasted up to the age of 52. Note the death cross on the influence line and the Marriage line curving on the Heart line.

Look at line B-B rising from Moon and joining the Fate line at the age of 34. This was the year when he was helped by a person unconnected with his family.

Look at the line of Fate crossed by small lines above the Head line. These denoted interferences with his fate and monetary loss. The years were 38th and 39th, Look at the islanded Fate line, denoting financial difficulties from the 43rd to the 46th year. This sign also showed illicit connections with a woman ruining his career bringng him losses.

Look at the line A-A coming from the family line at the base of the thumb and ending on the mental mount of Mars.





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