This denoted a troublesome law suit brought against him by a relative at the age of 39. Read the year on Life line.

Look at line A-R. This also denotes the death of a relative when he was 65 years old. This death was caused by drowning indicated by the star on the Moon mount.

The Left Hand of a Woman (See Fig. 78). This imprint of the left hand of a woman will interest the student because of the following lines and marks: —

The main lines of Head and Life are clearly marked, indicating good health and a clever brain. The line of Head is slightly joined to line of Life at ?he commencement, showing independence of mentality. The fingers are all conical, with the ringer of Sun quite strong. The mount of Venus is full and if read with the line of Heart with lines rising and running downward towards the Head line and mount of Venus, denotes that the person is dominated by a strong sexual urge. Look at the islanded line of Fate right up to the nne of Head indicating that she would have illicit connections with men and earn a bad name and would be looked upon as a notorious woman. It is a fact that this woman had allowed herself to be used by men.

Her domestic life was not happy. Look at the branches from the line of Heart curving on tne line of Head.

Look at an islanded line from the base of the thumb touching her Life line at the 23rd year. This was the bad influence of a relative owing to which she was dishonoured.

Look at the Marriage lines which are more than one on Mercury. Similarly there is an influence rising from Life line and ending by being cut by another small line. This was a connection with a man at her 16th year, which lasted for about six years. Note the place where it is finished. Just from a place near it another line rises and runs down the mount, but later on at the age of 40 it ends. This indicated a marriage which lasted up to that time after which the person passed out of her life. Note worry lines crossing and cutting from the side of the thumb.

Look at small lines rising from inside the Life line at the 35th and 38th years and running towards Venus. These indicate friendship with men.

Look at the two lines of Fate running parallel, as also the

line of Sun. These indicate that the woman would lead an

easy and prosperous life from a material standpoint, money

coming to her husband through running two kinds of businesses.

Look at several lines running from the line of Heart down

towards the mount of Venus. These lines denote that at the 33rd,

38th and 45th years she had worries caused by her love affairs.

Look at the big island commencing at about her Fate

lino, crossing Head and Sun lines and ending at the Heart line.







This . sign is connected with a line of Friendship -on Venus mount. The dishonour and scandal was brought about by her friendship with a man. Locate time of the event on the Fate line at the 38th year. The friendship commenced when she was 32 years old and grew deeper as she attained her 38tih year.

The whole hand is marked with criss-cross lines in the centre of the palm indicating an unpeaceful life.

The student by an examination of the mounts and lines should come to the conclusion that the subject must be an attractive woman with a lot of personal charm and magnetism to draw men to her side. The nngers indicate an emotional and impressionable nature which can be played upon by any practised libertine.

Look at a line from Moon merging her line of Fate when she was 26 years of age. This indicates that a person entered her life. After this time from the 29th to the 30th year the Fate line is seen islanded indicating some financial difficulties, but the indications point to the fact that she was exposed to the advances and temptation of the opposite sex.

The thumb should be examined. It was fairly stiff. Sometimes this woman exercised will power, and escaped being roped in by sensually disposed men who were moved by baser passions.

The Hand of a Rich and Domestically Unhappy Womar

(See Fig. 79)

This is the hand of a rich woman occupying an enviable social position but very much troubled because of her unfortunate domestic circumstances.

The student's attention is drawn to the following marks and lines on her hand which are characteristic.

Both the hands were quite long and large. The fingers were fairly evenly set on the palm, long and conically shaped indicating a lucky and wealthy person with an emotional and impressionable nature moved by an impulse to move in society and be admired for her good looks.

The striking marks on her hand are the lines of Heart and Head.

Look at the line of Heart set lower on the palm and deeper and stronger than the line of Head which is weak. The emotional and .affectionate nature of this woman dominated her intellectual, calculative and common sense side so that she allowed the former to get the better of her. The branches from the line of Heart are seen curving on to the Head and Life lines denoting that she would meet with disappointments in affection and would be moved by the sexual and physical side of her nature. This passionate side of her love is also mingled and toned down by the idealistic view, generated by the line of

Heart starting with a wide fork on the Jupiter mount (see a-a

look at the line of Head which starts from the lower mount of Mars. As it runs through the hand it is split in two parts and then it goes further. At the point of termination, it


is cut by a line from the side of the base of the thumb. This has small branches rising to Jupiter. The kind of Head line as explained elsewhere belongs to a woman who is disposed to rule, but owing to a weak head and lack of good sense makes the life of the husband and those around her difficult and sometimes impossible. The sign in no way makes for domestic happiness. Read this sign in conjunction with the line of Heart, and the conclusion you would come to is clear: that there would be rift in the affections. There would l»r


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