violent and unhappy scenes with the husband. The line of Marriage on this hand is forked leading to the conclusion that there would be virtual separation from the husband. It is a fact that this rich woman was married to a big man owning property worth lakhs. Verify the fact by looking at the strong lines of Fate and Sun on her hand denoting wealth and position of the husband. After a married life extending over a few years, there were disagreements and bitter domestic disappointments and lack of love between the husband and the wife led her to make love to and come into contact with other men. Her emotionalism and impressionable love nature made her a prey to advances from other men. Look at the influence line (H-G) denoting her husband moving away from the Life line. Look at another line of friendship (M-N) rising from the Life line at 32, and a similar islanded line from Moon towards the Fate line at the same age. This denoted the deep influence of a man on her life, which proved to be scandalous. Look at the line of opposition above this influence line connecting with the line of friendship. This worry related to her friendship and connection with the man at the age of 33. Read this event on the Fate line.

Look at the Life line looking weaker after this friendly and intimate connections with the new man. The health deteriorated because of constant bickerings with her husband. This led to ?a separation between the two. But they occupied the same house. Look at a line of vitality (Z) meeting the Fate line. This denoted better health after the 37th year.

Look at the lines of worry connected with the Family line on the base of the thumb crossing the Life, Fate and Head lines and touching the Heart line. These worries related to the future of her child and affairs connected therewith as also financial difficulties consequent on law suits arising out of the property of her husband. The fact of the matter was that she never felt happy, and if at all she had moments of relief, they related to her connection with the friend who entered her life at 31. But this was disliked by her marriage partner.

Look at the line O-P crossing from the line of Heart to the Head line. This line indicates a domestic bereavement and in most cases the death of the marriage partner. In this case it was a break in the married state, although not the death of the husband. This did not blast her fate. Look at the Fate line going up the hand. This happened at 43. Read this date on the Fate line where it is cut by this sign.

This cross1 line connects the Head and Heart lines. After a few years, the health began to deteriorate again. Look at the Heart line and lower mount of Moon for the disorder. Owing to a disorder in the sexual system there was a delicacy of health and her heart was also affected and made her bed-ridden. This disorder she conquered and lived up to the 60th year. Look at the islanded line of Life for the weakness of health.

The Hand of a Rich Marwari Business Man (See Fig. 80)

This hand of a Marwari millionaire of a state in Rajputand will interest the reader, as it bears marks which denote that he would rise from poverty to wealth.

The original hand, of which the imprint is but a reproduction of the main lines and important signs, was found to be fairly large and masterful with a long well-shaped thumb denoting strength of will. The fingers were of medium length and well developed, showing uncommon ability to carry out ideas denoted by the beautiful, strong, deeply traced and faultless line of Head taking its rise from the Jupiter mount indicative of boundless ambition and drive. This sign was reinforced and backed up by the strength and length of the Mercury finger. The Mercury mount denoted business ability and perceptive and practical talents of a high order. Look at


1.  2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Line of Heart triple forked.

Line A G is the line of Sun.

Line E D to Jupiter.

Line of Fate G R to Saturn.

Mark H temple.

Mark Crocodile.

the line of Fate rising from the line of Life at about the 28th year and ascending to the second finger without faltering. This Fate line denotes that the person would follow his ancestral







profession and make a career by his merit. This came out to 'be true, as the Seth started on 'a small salary of Rs. 35/- as an accountant to a business man. His fate did not shine and prosperity and success did not come to him till his 35th year was passed. Note the line of success and a second line of Fate rising from the Head line. The line of Success is very clear and boldly marked and shows unusual success through the mental qualities of the subject. It is a fact that the Seth worked cleverly and gave ample and abundant proof of his business ability to merit a fortune. Look at the second line of Fate ascending up the hand and after crossing the Heart line turning towards the Jupiter finger. This is an infallible sign of brilliant success, attainment of prominence, amassing of a fortune and winning a good social position This Seth earned several millions, and now occupies a social position of dignity among his brother millionaires.

Look at the beautiful trident made by the two lines of Fate and line of Heart. This is the sign of an extraordinarily fortunate man who owns fat bank balances, motor cars and palatial buildings.



2.  3.

Line of Heart short and islanded.

Line of Head short and rising from Mars mount.

Ring of Saturn.


Look at the sign of temple formed by the lines of Fate and a cross line from the Fate line to the Head line (mark H). This is also a sign of wealth and good fortune.

Look at the island in the centre of the thumb. This denotes wealth and fortune. Inspite of being uneducated this Seth is very rich and holds a very high social position.

The Hand

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