of a Murderer (See Fig. 81)

This is the hand of an American who was called the "prison Demon," owing to his cunningness, blood thirstiness and absence of all finer human feelings.

Look at the short line of Heart rising from a point exactly under the mount of Saturn. The line is islanded and a branch of it cuts through the line of Head in its downward course through the hand as it runs to the lower mount of Mars.

Look at the line of Head rising from the lower mount of Mars and stopping in the centre of the hand.

These signs when interpreted denote a person dominated by the planets of Saturn and Mars. The line of Heart denotes a Saturnian who is very selfish and heartless. This is indicated by the Heart line being chained. A branch of this line runs to the lower Mars making the person influenced by Mars, and that is why this man was moved by murderous tendencies. The combination of Mars and Saturn and their malignant influence on the affectionate side of human beings is very ominous and persons with the sign prove a curse to the human race.

The shortnes of the line of Head denotes a materialistic person.

Another mark of criminality is the ring of Saturn making a semi-circle from the base of the edge of the first finger to the base of the third finger. This mark intensifies mental and affectionate traits found in a person. In the case of this man, his criminal tendencies become accentuated.

The finger of Mercury is long and denotes a clever person. His mental qualities were used for criminal purposes.


In Chapter XXI of the book in the andlysis of the right hand of the author we demonstrated how in reading time of events on the hand a student can be assisted by a clear knowledge of the significance of numbers. We indicated that the figures of the date of birth according to the English calendar if added would give us the destiny number, and since numbers are assigned to the planets a connection between numerology and astrology is established. It is a well-known fact accepted by many scholars especially the Hindu Masters of this science, that astrology and palmistry are closely related and that on the



practical p*lmistb?




hand may be read the horoscope cast by Nature similar to the one cast by an astrologer with the time, place and date of Birth.

Let us now give the numbers assigned to the planets.

Sun 1, Moon 2, Jupiter 3, Uranus 4, Mercury 5, Venus 67 Neptune 7, Saturn 8, Mars 9,

O stands for Eternity, Immensity and the Infinite. It refers to the infinitely great and infintely small, the Boundless Being known in Hindu metaphysics as the Nirgun Brahman, the universal spirit, the first cause from whom sprang in the beginning of this cycle of evolution and manifestation of the universe, the Sun-God represented by number one, which is the symbol of the manifest deity who came forth from the Infinitude. This was the light that shone in the darkness of the world's great night, called by the Hindu philosophers as Brahma's Night, just as the fact of manifestation is called Brahma's Day.

For the edification of the student we shall give a brief but clear account of how the figures of the date of oirth should be added to find out the destiny number, as also what the numbers stand for.

In order to find the fate number the date of birth should be used as follows: —

Suppose the date of birth is 14-11-1904. Add as 1-4-1-1-1-9-4=21=3. Thus 3 is the destiny number. Take another case 28-10-1897=2-8-1-0-1-8-9-7=36=9. Thus 9 is the destiny number. The figures in the date of birth refer to the sort Or character a person has, since the influence of the planets in the shaping of the character represented by the numbers can be estimated and the destiny number refers to the fate of the individual or the path of life on which he would walk. It should be clearly understood that the numbers derived from the figures of the day in a date of birth are more powerful than those found in the month and year, as the former are more specifically the individual's property than those of the month and year, which are, so to speak, the common property of thousands.

It should also be noted that 10 is always reduced to 1, but when it is found in the figures of the birth date itself the nought has a special importance since it shows the person is likely to attain publicity.

It should also be clearly understood that no number or set of numbers is good or bad, for what matters is not what figures you have, but what use in life you make of them, although this use depends upon the station of life a person is born in and the educational and environmental conditions to which he is liable to be subject. Sometimes it so happens that in a date of birth a whole department of figures is absent, and in such a case the possessor should try to run his life in the direction in which his abilities point, for he should remember that great and big things were done by those who were called upon to fight the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

Now we give below the destiny numbers and their harmonies as given by Dr. Unite Cross in his book Psychology of Fate.

Destiny        Harmonics


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

3, 5, 7.


6, 9, 1, 5, 7.

2,  8.

1, 3, 7.

3,  9.

3, 5.



If and when the destiny number calculated according to the birth date is the same as the number of the year, it should be concluded that the year would prove memorable. Besides if the number of the year corresponds with one of the chief harmonics of the destiny number, even then the year would be an important one. The attention of the student is drawn to observations regarding numerology bearing on events of life made in the andlysis or the hands of the author.

For the guidance of the student a table of destiny years is given : —






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