and especially after the 36th year, the life Began to show improvement as indicated by the lines on the palm. The student should here note that up to the 32nd year Mercury even if favourable does not help, and in the same way up to the 35th year Saturn does not, even if strong and favourable on the hand, exercise a steadying and fortunate influence; and if Mercury and Saturn are found to be weak and unfavourable, Jupiter would right up to the 35th year tend to make the life of a person tempestuous and troubled.

Number 3 if found in a birth date tends towards intellectual advancement; and hence are made the best of teachers and academic leaders and theologians. They are moved by excellent intellectual aspirations undisfigured by grasping and

S 18







grabbing material tendencies. Number 3 people are marked by possession of originality and independence of thought, and a refinement and excellence in the mental sphere, They should, however, be placed comfortably to permit them to develop their intellectual powers. Editors, literary critics and essayists have this number in their date of birth. These people are generally neatly and expensively dressed and exhibit a nice taste so far as the adornment of their environment ajad themselves is concerned. If a woman has a three in her birth date, she would occupy a position of responsibility in the religious or educational sphere. She would also give proof of being an honourable and conscientious person. It should be noted that this number has a great spiritual importance.

If Jupiter is favourable on the hand, the good qualities detailed above would be in evidence, but if it is unfavourably marked, it indicates an over-bearing, vain, intolerant, and tyrannical sort of person moved by an overvaulting ambition leading him to his doom. In appearance these people are handsome and bear a respectable and intellectual look. They are also conventional and orthodox.

Cheasley in his book on numerology says that if the destiny number, which he calls the path of life, is 3, its purpose in life will be self-expression ano! its watch-word patience.

Sepharial in his small book on fortune telling by numbers gives the following which we note for the edification of the student:

3 Jupiter, increase, expansion, hopefulness, confidence, buoyancy, aptitude, generosity or extravagance, nobility or pomposity according to the degree of intelligence enjoyed, riches, productiveness, fulness and success.

Indications of Number 6.

Number six refers to planet Venus and on the hand it relates to the mount situated between the line of Life and the base of the thumb. Hindu writers call Venus the gum of the Asuras as Jupiter is the guru of the Devas. While Jupiter inclines a person to spiritual values of life, Venus gives a strain of love of the good things of life, and that is why number 6 in the date of birth is regarded as a source of improvement of every other figure found therein. This explains the fact that under its influence stability is added to the life. It is a good figure to have, but if repeated more than once, it becomes bad for the nervous system and mental peace of its possessor.

Number six people are said to be quick-witted and when reinforced and supported By 5 and 2 intuitive powers are indicated.

People governed by six have a love of music, singing, dancing and rhythm. They have also a fine taste for pose and symmetry and the mental powers incline a person to fine arts,

poetry, painting, etc. According to Cheasley the destiny number of six will incline a person to live a purposeful life and to attempt to adjust all the life-values. That is why number six people have been found to be good, loyal and peaceful friends. As a matter of fact they are the comforters of the human race. Love is their watch-word in life.

So far as the professions to which such people are inclined are concerned, it can be said that they are found at the head of institutions and businesses. Nursing, dress-making, house keeping, and artistic and musical pursuits attract them.

Women with 6 as their destiny number or included in their birth date prove to be excellent house-keepers on account of their love of home and house keeping. On the whole six has been considered a lucky number of the intellectual trio,

Indications of Number 9.

Number nine as stated elsewhere is associated with die planet of Mars. On the hand Mars is associated with Mars positive and Mars negative and the plain of Mars, and the student is referred to the relevant chapter. Before the cycle of the manifestation of this universe there was immensity, Eternity and Infinity and the Boundless Being, the Universal Intelligence, the Nirgun Brahman alone existed, and when the night of Brahma ended and the day dawned then appeared Prajapati or Savitar or Sun-God, represented by number 1, and after all the states of evolution appeared the crown of creation —Man, represented by number nine. He is the centre of everlasting forces. There is the Divine in him and he is the child of God. In the beginning he is animal, then he becomes human and finally he becomes divine. The life that started with Sun when the spirit descended into matter reached its highest point in man represented by nine. After evolution it will again return into 1 for after the number nine comes 10 which reduced to one digit is 1. In this connection we quote from the book Mars, the Warlord, of the famous author on astrology Alan Leo. He says, "Man is a part of the Universe, and therefore he has within himself the same essences as those which exist in the stars. He is a compound of all the elements; but some of these elements preponderate over others at certain stages of his evolution. In the early stages of his development, the animal is uppermost, and he is only conscious that he is attracted by objects outside himself, feeling a force; later he learns how to control this force and becomes conscious, knowing himself as a separate entity with a force within as well as without and finally he becomes superconscious or conscious of his indissoluble relation to the whole Universe. He thus passes from the animal to the human, and finally to the divine."

Now we turn to the indications of number nine when it is found jn the birth date or is a destiny number. It is regarded a figure of science, wisdom and the highest expression of im-







personal love. As a figure of science it gives practicality, inventiveness and a scientific tone of mind to its possessor. Hence electricians, chemists, inventors, mechanics, nurses, doctors, photographers and radio engineers are indicated. Besides lecturers and teachers of science with number nine are successful in their profession.

When nine is found in the date of birth, it is said to strengthen other figure in the map, and the fortunate possessor is advised to make the best use of it, for unless great and consistent efforts are made, it is not possible for him to overcome difficulties and impediments, for nine people require congenial surroundings for carrying on their work. As already stated, it is a figure of

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