wisdom. As Dr. Unite Cross says in his book Psychology of Fate, when the destiny digit of a person is number nine (as in the case of Mahatma Gandhi) he seems to have a wonderful accumulation of knowledge in his possession. Rein-carriationists say that "9 people are old souls, and are with us in this incarnation for the last time, having completed the cycle of earthly learning."

Number nine is not considered a benign influence in life. People governed by it have been found to be involved in pursuing impracticable schemes and ambitions in regard to the regeneration of mankind. Sometimes they start humanitarian and philanthropic projects which come to nothing. The fact of the matter is that when nine is the fate number the possessor thereof cannot get away from influences 'typifying the highest expression of impersonal love/' Highly evolved souls follow the path tread by Christ and Buddha. These people rely more on their intuitional faculties than on their intellectual ability. They listen to the inner voice of God and act acordingly. It is a fact known to all that the beloved leader and saint of India, Mahatma Gandhi, whose fate number is 9, the date of birth being 2-10-1869, followed the inner voice and brushed aside all other reasonings and considerations. That is why he embarked on fasts unto death. Thus number 9 people through their sixth sense have direct contact with the Divine Intelligence pervading the whole Universe.

Likely occupations to which number nine people are attracted are education, authorship, drama, particularly writing of tragedies, healing, sculpture, painting, criminal justice, the legal profession, positions of trust and responsibility in which freedom of thougnt aiid action is allowed to them, pursuits in which a chance is afforded to them for giving expression to their artistic tastes, sympathy, inspiration and emotion. They feel happy when they get a chance of founding institutions for the care of animals and for orphans, affording medical and other kinds of relief to the needy and the destitute as also of running educational institutions like schools, colleges and Universities of which they desire to be the head.

When Mars is unfavourable on the hand, and associated with adverse figures in the birth date, it should be regarded as tending to bring about disaster.

So far we have been dealing with figures 3, 6 and 9» re-


resenting the "mental or intellectual trio." Now we turn to gures 2, 5, and 8 which relate to the emotional personality of man. We may term them the "psychic trio."

Indications of Number 2.

Number 2 is associated with the planet Moon which exercises a great^ influence on our mind. "Number 2," says Dr. Unite Cross, "is the first and foremost embodiment of moderation. It is the diluent of the wine of life and many a figure graph that appears to run riot is restrained by the curbing influence of the figure 2." He further goes on to say that "2 restrains the emotions and moderates the affections."

Number two people are unstable by nature, and have a strain of being pliant and yielding in disposition. They, however, possess a faculty of being adaptable. Besides, a doctor having 2 and 9 in his date of birth possesses a healing touch, and is a first-rate diagnostician. Although inclined to purity of character, people governed by 2 have been found to be of an impressionable nature, and are very greatly influenced by their environment. Though deeply moved by love, number two people are undemonstrative. "Moreover, they possess a faculty of bringing people together; and in all private, commercial and industrial enterprises their place is that of those who form the basis or foundation of all great undertakings and schemes of progress. When number 2 is repeated in the date of birth changeableness in nature is indicated; and that is why number two people cannot remain in one place for long, and cannot stick to one profession.

In the hand the student should look at the mount of Moon which is the mount of

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