When 2 is the destiny digit the watchword of life is service and the path of life cohesion. As stated above number two people are inclined to serve humanity and the faculty and aim of cohesion is in evidence in their life when they act as go-betweens between person and person and community and community. The fact of the matter is that a lot of "cohesion in society is due to people governed by number 2.

Let us turn to the professions to which number 2 people are attracted. They are drawn to occultism and can become spiritualists, mesmerists and hypnotists. The profession of acting, diplomacy, politics, salesmanship, secretary, solicitor and positions where they are called upon to bring the mass of people in touch with authorities draw them. People of this type have been found to possess smooth and supple fingers the mount of Moon strong and well-developed, the thumb







supple and bending backward, and the lines of Fate and Sun rising from the mount of Moon; and that is why such people are public favourites and "lubricants of the whole social machine." Besides, number 2 people have a very close affinity with anything wherein liquids play an important part and hence doctors who dispense prescriptions and medicines become successful in their trade.

Indicatiojis of Num,ber 5.

Number five has been regarded as a powerful figure. In astrology it is associated with Mercury, called the Messenger of the Gods. On the hand it is represented by the mount situated under the little ringer. Without a strong mount of Mercury and a straight and \vell-deveioped finger of Mercury, well-set on the palm and long enough to reach at least the terminating point of the first or nail phalange of the third finger, it is not possible for a person to achieve success especially in the material sphere. Mercury to be beneficial and good must be associated with and influenced by a healthy and normal development of the mounts on the hand just as its position in the horoscope, conjunction with and aspects from other planets make it adverse or otherwise. In numerology as well, this number intensifies the indications of other figures in the date of birth. Dr. Cross regards this number as "essentially the digit of the soul," which he says is the seat of emotions. Number five people are restless and ambitious. They have a go-ahead spirit, and are moved by a spirit of adventure; and their undertakings come out successful if other figures are found to be in accord. Besides this number inclines its possessor to active work and action, and great people like President Abraham Lincoln, Gladstone and Hitler had number five as their destiny digit. That is why these great figures of history had splendid achievements in the political and social spheres to their credit.

Number five people have hastiness of temper, but are very prompt in coining to decisions. Impulsive and restless by nature it becomes hard for them to stick to one place; and hence they have been found to be fond of travel. They are great talkers and very much fond of moving in society and are the favourites of the opposite sex. When five is associated and reinforced by 8 a mystical temperament is developed. Moreover, being inquisitive by nature, they take to scientific studies wherein they make their mark. Number 5 if not found in the birth date is a sign that so far as the success in the material field is concerned, there would not be any kind of very unusual success.

It has also been seen that number five people are quick to grasp opportunities and turn them into stepping stones for greater success in spheres wherein they are strong and for which they have special aptitudes. When acting under the

sway of inspiration and emotion, they have been found to be at their best, but they are apt to overstrain their powers; and as a result disasters befall them. Lastly it may be remarked that as lawyers, doctors, business men, and in other professional walks of life, number five people have met with chances which they turn to good account. Besides as Dr. Cross truly observes, "Number five as a destiny figure is a guarantee that in most cases the life would be full of changes, excitement and adven-

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The aim of life or watchword of five people is unity and the path of life is governed by the fact that they are moved to gaining experience of life.

Now we turn to the professions or trades to which number five people are attracted and they are given below: —

Surgery, travelling salesmanship, writing of original advertisements, inventions, journalism, teaching and anything that is connected with their love of change, travel, variety and originality. Number five people make excellent lawyers, doctors, businessmen, scientists and teachers. As secretaries they prove their worth and by the force of their go-ahead spirit and mental elasticity succeed in launching and organizing joint-stock companies and trusts.

Indications of Number 8.

Number 8 is associated with Saturn; and on the hand of man its place is under the second finger, It gives wisdom, industry, patience and exercises a restraining influence on the emotions denoted by the other mounts. The fact of the matter is that it is a balance-v^heel of the character. The line of Fate, the road of destiny on which we travel, ends on this mount and in palmistry this line is also called the line of Saturn, the nature of which indicates human personality.

If the number 8 in a birth date is associated with number 1 and 5 it indicates certainty of progress and utilization of chances offered under the influence of number five. Besides, if reinforced by other favourable numbers, i.e., 6, 2 and 3, there is a certainty of achievement of ambitions, and the life would be full of events and changes.

If the destiny digit is 8, the purpose of life is most likely to be perfection in the material sphere, and the watchword will be service, and hence the person is likely to follow a varied path of life.

Number 8 gives intuitional powers, and tfiese people are also endowed with strange sort of psychic or occult experiences. If found in a birth date a faculty for dreaming curious dreams and having premonitions is denoted, and sometimes such people see events coming. Besides, number 8 people are governed by deeply philosophical ideas, and if associated and dominated by Moon and Jupiter they retire from the world, and get out







of touch with it. On the other hand if 8 is repeated, and the hand bears unbalanced marks and signs, such people feel out of sympathy with the world, and we can call them misanthropic. Tne excess of 8 in the birth date gives a sort of what we can term mental indigestion.

The negative aspect of 8 relates to instability and lack of concentration, gloom, and misanthropic tendencies. Obstacles, impediments, loss, hurt, privations and other unforeseen misfortunes pui sue number 8 people.

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